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Guest Post: What's a Tagline and Does Your Blog Need One?

Ask anyone to name a tagline or slogan for a big name brand and bet they will be able to come up with a few.  Nike with their ‘Just Do It’ and Apple’s ‘Think Different’ are two of the first that comes to my mind.  But these are mega companies who can afford to create a tagline that has a higher purpose.  For bloggers, a tagline has a more practical purpose – to instantly tell visitors what your blog is about.

What’s a tagline?

Unless you are a blogger of the stature of Melyssa Griffin or Neil Patel, there’s a good chance that people won’t know who you are when they arrive on your blog.  They might have come across an article you have written or a social media update so there might be some idea about the content of your blog.  But what is your blog about?

That’s where a tagline comes in for bloggers.  Rather than aiming for something fancy, with clever word play or inspirational motivation like Nike and Apple, a blogger’s tagline is an instant way to tell the visitor what you are about.

Why use a tagline?

I’ll steal an example from Marianne at Design Your Own Blog on the topic – you go to a blog called Sunshiney Days.  There’s no tagline on the header so what do you think the blog is about?  It could be living a happy, sunshiney life.  It could be someone trying to find the happiness while suffering from a condition like depression.  It could even be about living in the Sunshine State.  How does the visitor know?

Add a tagline, that’s how.  Say you were blogging about finding that happiness while suffering from depression so your tagline was something similar to that.  People instantly realise that you will be dealing with mental health issues, managing depression and similar topics.  If that isn’t their thing, they can move on while if it is, they will read further.

How to create a tagline

That’s just one example of how a tagline can help with your blog and creating a clear picture of what it is about for visitor.  But how do you create a tagline when you want to keep it short and sweet yet manage to be informative?

The mission of your blog
One of the first steps is to consider the mission of your blog – your ‘why’ for creating the blog and what governs why you continue to blog.  The idea is to look for a key phrase in that which can help you tell visitors what your blog is about without needing to use a sentence.  Consider the keywords that you use on your homepage, look at your mission statement if you have one or even just think about why you started the blog.

Promise to the audience
Another element to consider is what you promise to your audience.  It might be to help them find quick meals to make on weeknights for your family, it might be how to deal with mental health issues in a family member or it might be how to create a blog and turn it into a business.

To help do this, it can be a good idea to do a reader avatar or ideal customer exercise – there are loads of templates out there and you can get as detailed as you want.  The idea of the exercise is to create a person for whom you write, understand their hopes and fears, their basic demographic information and what they want from your blog.  This can help you create a tagline that will appeal to that one fictional person.

Unique Selling Point
If your blog sells something, especially if it is something you have created yourself such as a course, eBook or product range, then consider your unique selling point or USP when creating your tagline.

So, if you are a Pinterest expert and sell a Pinterest course as well as having lots of posts on Pinterest – then you might want to use Pinterest somewhere in your tagline.

The brand
Finally, it is easy to think that a blog isn’t a brand but the ones that succeed are very much this.  Part of being a brand is having a voice, a way of writing that is used in your blog posts, your social media updates and everywhere else.  You should also consider this ‘voice’ when you create your tagline – you want to sound like you, after all.

Where to put the tagline

Now you have a tagline, what do you do with it?  The obvious one is to have it on the header image of your blog.  This means it is one of the first things that a visitor sees when they arrive on your website and has that instant impact to tell them what you are about.

But that’s not the only use.  You can use your tagline or variations of it on your social media profiles.  For examples, in bios on Twitter, you can use the tagline as the basis of what you write.  You can use it on the short description of your Facebook page.  You can even use it in your Pinterest account and pull keywords from it for your Pinterest profile.

You can also use it in a visual format.  Use tools such as Canva to create a header image with your tagline either as the main element or featuring beside your branded images.  Think of it as a bit like a word version of a logo.


Whether you are just starting your blog or have been established for a while, having a tagline is a worthwhile task to attempt.  Not only does it have that informative benefit but people also start to remember it and that creates brand recognition.  It becomes tied with your visual brand and they will begin to recognise it on social media.  And one day, you might be as well known by your tagline as Nike or Apple!

Have you created a tagline before?  Or what ideas does this post give you to create your own – I’d love to hear about it!

Angela is a freelance content writer who has written for clients around the world. She started The Blogging Blog to put into practice everything she had learned while writing for others. The aim of the blog is to help people get serious about their blog to make it into a business or to create a blog to promote their business.

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