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Guest Post: Am I too young to be married with a mortgage at 23?

Whenever I tell people I’ve bought a house, I get a mixture of two reactions: “But you’re so young!” or (and they’re usually thinking it) “How could you afford it?” Both of these reactions really grate on me, and have done ever since I bought my house back in January 2017.

I’ll give you some perspective.

I’m 22 and a recently graduated student. I think those are the only reasons I get either of those reactions. Because I’m an ex-student, I must be poor. And because I’m 22, I should be out living my life, partying in Ibiza, going out with the girls twice a week, or spending a month backpacking around Thailand.

Everyone is different, and I’ve always wanted to settle down in a house with a husband, and have kids and a cat. That’s just the life I’d always pictured for myself. I’ve always wanted to work - I couldn’t ever imagine not working - but my career will never be the be-all-and-end-all. It won’t rule my life, I just have one because I enjoy working and I enjoy routine (and obviously I need some form of income).

I get the impression that people/family members wonder why I want to become an adult so ‘quickly’. Why would I want to be married with a mortgage at 23? Don’t I want to do other things like travel and see the world? Well, in all honesty, I couldn’t imagine going to see the world without Jay, my fiance, by my side. It wouldn’t be the same.

I met Jay when I was 17 and we’ve been together since then. It’s actually our 5 year anniversary this week. In my life, I’ve felt like a lot of people have wondered a) why I would settle with one person at such a young age and b) why I would want to become an adult ‘too quickly’.

Because we met so young, we obviously won’t stay together forever. People change so quickly from teenagers and, well, will we even like each other in ten years time?

Please tell me you picked up on the amount of sarcasm in that sentence.

So yes, I’m happy ‘settling’ into a marriage and a mortgage at the age of 22. That was my decision, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m moving into my house this week. Me and Jay have been renovating it since January, and this weekend is the big move. I’m not at all anxious about living together, because I just know it’ll work out. We saved really hard for our deposit, and we’ve had to save even more for all the renovation work. We’ve got a brand new bathroom and kitchen, even down to the flooring and the lighting, and a transformed living room. It’s taken six months, but it’s just made us even more excited for when we do actually live there.

My blog has been documenting the house renovation, and will continue to focus on Home even after we move in, and all the building work stops.

I don’t regret how much money we’ve spent on the house, or how much we’re spending on the wedding. Yes, I’m young, and I might have £40,000 of student debt over my head. But I would not want it any other way.

About Sarah

Sarah is a new blogger based in Chester, UK. Since starting a major home renovation in January, she wanted to try and document the whole process for herself, rather than for anyone else to read.

She absolutely loves reading, and anything bookish, especially when it can be done with a cup of tea and a cat on her lap.

Her blog also includes book reviews, and any other lifestyle things she feels need talking about. You can find her blog at

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  1. I married and had a mortgage at 19 years old and we've been married for 26 years now so I don't think 22 is too young at all,you know when you're ready.Everyone thought that we were too young but we proved them wrong.

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