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First time buyers: Hiring a removals company

Hiring a removals company

The whole process of purchasing a home is stressful enough, especially if you're new to the property market. We spent all our time trying to get around all the mortgage jargon and legalities, that we totally forgot we actually had to move house at the end of it!

One thing that can take this pressure off you is hiring a removals company, which this installment of my First Time Buyers series is all about!

What does a removals company do?

A removals company will help you move from one property to another, the level of their involvement can be determined by you. Some removals companies are able to come to your house, pack your belongings, ship them safely to your new property then unload and unpack, some will just load your pre-packed boxes into a van and deliver them to your new home. So the choice is really up to you

Finding a reputable removals company

You need to make sure you have chosen a legitimate company, considering they are going to be transporting all of your worldly possessions! Check their company feedback, check what insurance your company has for good in transit, find out whether the company have policies in place for parking restrictions, delays, packing etc.

The more information you are able to gather about the company before you book, the more like you are to receive exactly the service you are looking for with a company you feel like you can trust.

Ask for a survey

You should get your removal company to visit you to understand the amount of things that will need to be moved and discuss any other requirements. They should not charge you for this service, and will be able to provide you with a confirmed quote after their evaluation.

Compare costs

Much like your car insurance, you can compare costs of removals companies to ensure you're getting the best deal. Make sure you do your research to find the best company to suit your budget, and bear in mind that these people are handling all of your possessions, so you want to make sure they arrive safely and in one piece!

We didn't use a removals company, but looking back, I sure wish we did. It would have made everything so much less stressful for us and perhaps I wouldn't still be staring at boxes...

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