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5 post-break up beauty buys to make you feel less rubbish

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Break-ups are rubbish, but if there's anything I've learnt in my time, it's that they are also a great reason to make some changes. If you've been in a relationship for a while, you are likely to have swapped your lengthy beauty routines for pj's and Netflix with your beau, and if you've just broken up, what better time than to start making yourself feel fabulous again?

There's nothing worse than finding out you knight in shining armour was just a prat in tinfoil, but there's also little better than a fresh tan, fierce contour and a fabulous makeup look. Here are my top post-break up beauty buys so you can get out and slay the world again like the Queen that you are.

1. Pamper yourself with a facemask

Relax and site back while you refresh your skin with a lovely facemask. You can even watch The Notebook and eat 40 tubs of Ben & Jerry's while you're at it. Nobody is judging (in fact, can I join in?). Go for something that's refreshing, like the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask.

2. Get yourself a new lipstick

Well, you're going to be off finding your new partner in crime soon enough, so let's make that pout look extra kissable with a brand new lipstick. Don't go neutral, let's be fierce and choose something bright and daring. Trusty MAC have a shade for all occasions, so whether you fancy the classic MAC red, a hot pink like Girl About Town or something super dark and sultry like Instigator, you'll find something that will put the punch back into your pout.

3. Time to tan

Okay, you've been comfortable and pasty for way too long. Get that glow back by grabbing yourself a new tan so you can start your new life as a bronzed Goddess. After all, who didn't feel a bit better after a tan? Go for something super simple and easy, like the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan so you can be sunkissed in no time! (Just don't do a Ross!)

4. Stop crying and love your lashes

Girl, he isn't worth your tears anyway, and he certainly won't be worth the brand new mascara you are about to buy to get those gorgeous lashes back. My favourite at the moment is Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara, or the DiorShow Waterproof Mascara.

5. Get your nails did

Who didn't feel a bit extra fierce after having their nails done? opt for a temporary nail fix with Elegant Touch Polished Nails or pop to your local salon for a fully fledged new set. Don't forget to use a nail strengthener like OPI Nail Envy to give your nails a boost in between sets!

So, are you ready to get out there and be you most fabulous self? Who needs boys anyway? Except Tom Ford. He never makes us cry.

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5 post-break up beauty buys

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