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Facebook advertising for beginners

Facebook advertising for beginners

So, you've started up a Facebook page for your blog or business and have started getting some likes and engagement. But how can you grow it even further? You can start by increasing your post reach organically, but if you really want to see some faster results, it's time to start investing in Facebook advertising.

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Although Facebook have tried to make setting up advertising a relatively simple process, it can still be tricky to set up the right campaign to see the results you want. This article aims to talk you through the set up process, with a few hints and tips for creating effective campaigns.
There are 3 stages to setting up Facebook advertising for business:
  • Campaign - where you choose your objective
  • Advert set - where you decide who is going to see your ad and how much you will spend
  • Advert - where you design what your advert will look like

Step 1: Campaign

What are you trying to achieve with your facebook advert? Are you trying to get people to like your page? Interact with your post? Head to your website? Or watch a video? There are several options available to really help you achieve your objectives with each individual advert.

  Facebook advertising campaign

Step 2: Advert set

The first part of this step is to look at the audience. Are you trying to reach people in a certain area? Or maybe people with a specific interest. Using Facebook's easy form, you can start building your audience to closely match your ideal reader or customer. The handy tool to the right will also show you how many people are in this audience, so your potential total reach.

  Facebook advertising audience

The second part of the advert set, is defining your budget. You can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. The amount you choose to spend will affect the percentage of your chosen audience that Facebook will allow you to reach, and you can see estimated figures in the hand tool to the right.

In this step, you can also choose whether the advert set runs continuously, or you can set start and end dates for your campaign.

Facebook advertising budget

If you want to be a bit more advanced, you can also choose how your post is optimised, or in simple terms, how Facebook spends your money.

Each campaign type will have different optimisation options, and you can choose whether you pay for engagements, clicks, or impressions etc, based on what you want to achieve. Want people to interact with your post? Choose post engagements! Want people to see your post? Choose impressions! You get the picture.

Another useful tool here is scheduling. You can choose whether your adverts are shown all the time, or whether you choose a specific schedule to show the ads on. Again, consider your objectives and what you are advertising when choosing these options.

Step 3: Advert

The parts of your advert that you can edit can vary depending on the campaign objective you have chosen, but this is the area you can choose the images, video and text you show in your advert.

Facebook advert creative

You can show single images, create a post with an image carousel for more than one images, add text to get your message across and links to take people to your site.

Remember to keep your text short and sweet, you want people to understand what you are telling them as they scroll through their News Feed. The majority of people won't stop to read a huge paragraph.

You can also see what your advert will look like in different placements, such as from a computer, phone and sidebar advert. Some campaigns will also let you include Instagram advertising as an option! You don't have to use all of the placements. If you only want the advert available for people viewing on their mobile, then you can choose only the mobile placement!

   Facebook advertising placement

Also, Facebook has specific guidelines for what is acceptable in adverts. Some of the most common mistakes include:
  • using an image with more than 20% text
  • mentioning Facebook in the advert
  • including age-restricted material to an inappropriate audience
Take a few moments to read the Facebook advertising policies so your advert isn't rejected. And there you go! You advert is ready to go and as long as it is approved by Facebook, you should start seeing results in no time!

I hope this article gives you a bit of a better understanding of how to set up Facebook advertising for business and I'd love to hear your tips in the comments!

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