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How to increase your Facebook post organic reach

How to increase your Facebook post organic reach

Have you noticed that less and less of your Facebook fans are seeing your posts? So even if 1,000 people like your page, they aren't all going to see your posts, and you're not alone.

Why is my organic reach so low?

Facebook is now such a powerful marketing tool, so, the social media site is filled with individuals, brands and businesses sharing content every second. Because of this, you face increased competition to appear in someone's News Feed. On average, there are 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook.

How can I get more people to see my Facebook posts?

The quickest solution is to start paying to 'boost' your post to your fans, meaning Facebook will show it in more of your fan's News Feeds. This can become very expensive, very quickly, so if you're on a budget, here are a few ways you can increase your organic Facebook reach for free.

Post content that resonates with your audience

If only 3 people are going to see your post, we need those three people to engage with that content. If a user likes a post, Facebook will see that content as relevant, and allow that content into more people's news feeds. Similarly, once a fan likes, comments on or shares a post, their friends may see their engagement, thus meaning, they will also see your post. Take a look at your page insights, which of your posts received the best response? Can you post more interactive content, like questions, debates or something funny? Video content is also hugely popular. Focus your efforts on things people will respond to and show Facebook that your content IS relevant!

Post less frequently

Okay, this sounds crazy. You want more people to see your posts, but hear me out. If you post the same types of content all the time, your fans may get bored of seeing your posts cluttering up their News Feed and therefore will be less likely to engage. If nobody engages with your post, Facebook thinks that it wasn't relevant to them, so will show them less of any type of content you post. If you are already receiving little to no post engagement, you may want to stop posting so much and focus on things people want to see.

Use Organic Post Targeting

We all know you can target your posts to specific audiences when you pay for Facebook post boosts, but did you know you can do it organically? If you want to, you can set your post to show to people in specific locations or with certain interests. So if you are posting a piece of content relevant to only people in your town, tell Facebook that you want people in that area to see it! Posting something that is designed for people with a specific hobby or interest, let Facebook know!

Facebook Organic Targetting

If you do this, you have more chance of the post reaching people who are more likely to engage, instead of wasting it on someone who won't be interested. NB - you need to activate this in your page settings. Head to page settings and make sue 'audience optimisation for posts' is turned on.

Post at off peak times

This is a bit of a hit and miss approach. The theory behind it is that if you post at off peak times, there is less content being shared for you to compete with. This one will totally depend on your audience. Sending a post out at midnight might be fine for a brand looking to target 18-24 year olds, but it's less likely to be effective if you want to target the over 50s. You can check your Facebook page insights to see what time your fans are online. If a high proportion are still online late at night, why not give it a try?

Tag other relevant pages

Are you posting something that mentions another brand who have a page on Facebook? You can tag them in your post, just as if you were tagging your friend in a status on your personal page. Tagging a page increases the likeliness of your post appearing in their fans News Feeds, even if they don't already follow you, so although its not your fans seeing the post, you're still increasing your organic reach.

Join in with trending topics 

Facebook Trending Topics2

Facebook introduced trending topics, much like Twitter's trending list. Take a look at what is trending throughout the day and if there's a topic that is relevant to your page then jump on board! While you might see a high organic reach, if the content you post isn't valuable to that topic, or the topic isn't relevant to your page, any engagement you receive may not actually be beneficial in the long run.

As the density of content being posted onto Facebook continues to increase as more and more bloggers, businesses and brands fight for their place in consumer's News Feeds. It's true, the easiest way to get yourself seen is to pay for it, but take note of some of these tips and see if they help when trying to improve your organic page reach!

Have you got any tips for getting your Facebook posts seen by more people? Let me know in the comments!

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