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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media has become an exciting place for bloggers, brands and businesses of all kinds, giving us a direct route to our readers and customers and it can be easy to dive in head first to try and build your brand's online presence as quickly as possible. It might seem as simple as posting a few tweets or sharing some pictures on Instagram, but as quickly as you can make a great online reputation, you can damage it ten times faster by making simple social media marketing mistakes. So, how can you avoid damaging your online reputation before it's even begun?

Let's take a look at 7 social media mistakes your business should avoid making. Not got time to read this all now? Download the infographic and save it for later!

Mistake #1 - No social media plan

Social media should be treated just as any other marketing activity, and that includes planning. A good social media strategy will have clear objectives and goals and provide a sense of direction to save you from getting swallowed up in the excitement. This isn't just for businesses, blogger's should come up with a social media strategy too.

Mistake #2 - Paying for fake followers

The beauty of social media is offering your readers or customers a direct route to a relationship with you. If you are not yet the top dog in your sector, nobody expects you to have hundreds and thousands of followers. If you've got 100k followers on twitter, but have only posted 1 tweet, the average consumer is unlikely to trust you. It takes time, but put the work into building an audience and maintaining your integrity.

Mistake #3 - Only talking about your brand

Just because you are using social media to promote your business or brand, doesn't mean you can't share content or visuals from other people if it will be useful to your followers. Sharing is a huge part of the online social community and if your followers find the content you are sharing to be helpful or interesting, they will continue to look to you. It doesn't need to directly promote your brand. Position yourself as their number 1 source and they will continue to follow, and in turn will also be exposed to your promotional messages.

Mistake #4 - Posting too much in a short amount of time

Space your posts out. Don't overwhelm your followers by spamming their feed with multiple posts all in the same 10 minutes and then not post anything for another few days. Create a social media calendar and use scheduling tools to spread out your social content.

Mistake #5 - Forgetting to be social

As we are beginning to see social media as a marketing tool, we forget it's original purpose; to be social. Engage with your followers, other like-minded businesses and industry leaders. Social media marketing is a two-way conversation. Don't ignore the people who start conversations with you, join in with people having conversations based on your niche and actively find people to converse with.

Mistake #6 - Not measuring results

As with any kind of marketing, how will we know what's working if we don't measure the results? The ways to use social media vary so much. We can post so many different kinds of content, use social media advertising in so many different ways and there's so much flexibility in the creative campaigns we can implement. It could become easy to invest time and money in campaigns that we think are working, because they are exciting, but without measuring and collating the results, your efforts could be wasted.

Mistake #7 - Not using or optimising hashtags

Hashtags give our prospective customers a way of finding us organically. Utilise popular hashtags for your niche when posting content, join in with conversations on hashtags with like minded people, or even create your own hashtag! If it gets picked up, it could go viral, and that would be a social media marketing success story! As social media is evolving and changing every day, and with many markets becoming saturated in the online world, avoiding these mistakes does not guarantee immediate success. There are in fact so many other mistakes social media marketers can make, and we learn and grow with each one, but hopefully avoiding these top 7 mistakes, will make for good foundations for your social journey.

Do you have any social media advice? Share your social media marketing mistake stories and advice in the comment section below.

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