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5 blogging tips for beauty bloggers on a budget

Beauty blogging on a budget

We've all got our favourite beauty bloggers and we spend hours reading their posts or watching their vlogs about the wonderful high-end products they're trying out or their tutorials that we can't replicate because one product they've used costs more than our entire make up collection. I've spent a lot of time searching for blogging tips to help me succeed without spending all my cash!

We all strive to be like one of these bloggers, except the reality is, we don't all have the money or the PR connections to be able to shower our followers with these pricey products. In fact, sometimes I find myself only buying 1 or 2 new products a month, and it's pretty difficult to get a whole months worth of content out of two things. I used to let this get my down and I felt like I was failing as a beauty blogger because I couldn't always show off the latest MAC lipstick collection, or Instagram the whole Clinique skincare range or even post haul after haul.

But I've been trying to get myself out of my blogging slump and actually, I've realised that beauty blogging doesn't have to be about showing off the most expensive things, or flaunting the latest releases all the time. It's exactly what is says on the tin; beauty blogging and you can definitely do this on a budget. Case and point, is little old me.

So here are 5 of my blogging tips for beauty blogging on a budget.

blogging tips for beauty bloggers on a budget

1. Keep start up costs low

If you're just starting out, you don't have to shell out loads on the latest Macbook or the top of the range DSLR camera. You don't even need to pay for hosting if you stick with blogger. There are loads of free layouts to personalise your blog, most camera phones come equipped with decent cameras to snap your blog photos on and even the apps to edit them without shelling out on photoshop. Domain names come cheap nowadays as well so as long as you have a laptop or even a tablet, you can set your blog up with little to no start up costs.

2. Beauty isn't just about the products

There are so many other things that beauty bloggers can talk about rather than constantly having an array of products to show off. Why not have a think about these types of posts that will cost little to nothing to create:
  • Favourites/empties - raid your current stash and talk about why you use them
  • Your routines - skincare, hair care, morning, evening. You obviously have a passion for beauty so talk about your every day beauty routines
  • Tutorials - you obviously already have a make up collection so create some cute make up looks and show them off
  • Wish lists - this is a great way to feature those products that everyone is talking about, without having to part with your life savings
  • Make up trends - we all have an opinion on contouring or strobing, so let's hear it! Take heed of the latest fashion and colour trends and show us how to keep our make up as on trend as our wardrobe

3. Sign up to a beauty subscription box

If you still want to be able to talk about a few products, why not sign up to a beauty subscription box like Birchbox or Glossybox. They will send you a box with 5-6 beauty treats per month. Sometimes you will get samples and sometimes you will be lucky enough to get full sized products! So that's either 1 subscription box review post or 5-6 product review posts. They cost around £12 a month and I think they are a fab idea!

4. Look out for the sales

Watch out for cosmetics sales and buy when things are on offer. That way, you can make savings and avoid paying full cost, even if it is high street beauty brands. Sign up to email notifications from sites such as Love Sales, who will email you when there are sales on at your favourite sites so you don't miss out.

5. Collab!

There are so many other bloggers who are also on a budget, so why not collab? Write tags for each other to fill out and share, or compare beauty routines or favourites. What about a product swap to see how another blogger gets on with your favourite moisturiser.

What are your blogging tips for other bloggers on a budget? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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  1. No 2 is a fantastic point. I get fed up with people moaning about not having the latest products, but that's not what beauty writing is about! I get that they may feel pressure, but you have to work with what you've got and some of the best posts are niche - rather than the same ol' review of a popular product.


  2. You are point on Emma! Beauty blogging doesn't have to be so expensive and it's all about your voice and how you talk about your beauty picks, I've learned this in the past. Keep 'em coming Emma! xoxo

  3. Completely agree. It doesn't all have to be high end as there are lots out there who love bargains and refuse to spend a fortune on cosmetics. There's always a niche for what you do so go for what you can afford!!

  4. It's good that you write about it.

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