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My favourite Benefit products

Best Benefit Products | Air Patrol | POREfessional | Puff Off

It's probably no surprise that Benefit are one of my favourite cosmetics brands. I am forever obsessed with everything the bring out and am currently in mourning due to the fact I am currently running on samples as I've used up pretty much ALL of my full sized benefit products. Can anyone see where my next pay cheque is going? Yup, straight to the Benefit counter.

It occurred to me that I don't often blog about my Benefit products, because I'm always far too excited and start using them straight away and then it's too late to take perfect blog photographs. Then I realised that, let's be honest, Benefit is so heavily blogged about, you probably don't want to read a millionth review on Roller Lash Mascara or Hoola bronzer.

So I decided I'd talk about my recent three favourite Benefit products! (Disclaimer: my favourites change all the time, so don't be surprised if next month I'm raving about something else from the Benefit range. I just love it all, god dammit!)

Also, sorry for the sample pictures, it's pretty much all I have left!

Benefit Air Patrol | Eye Primer

First up, Air Patrol. Air Patrol is one of Benefit's most recent additions and is a supre lightweight BB Cream Eyelid Primer. I never used to understand the need for an eyelid primer, if I've already used a primer on my face, but after using Air Patrol, I totally get it.

The skin on your eyes is totally different to the skin on the rest of your face, and in order to create the best base for your eyeshadow, Air Patrol moisturises and smooths the area so you can rock your fabulous look all day. It's also a fab colour corrector, so no need to apply any eye shadow at all, just use Air Patrol as it's own, natural shade.

Benefit's Air Patrol is £21.50.

Benefit Puff Off | Eye gel

Next up is Benefit's Puff Off. I'm not getting any younger, and preserving my youthful face is 100% top of my agenda, or at least finding ways to make it look like I'm still young! Puff Off is an eye gel that smooths the look of under eye puffiness makes the area look much brighter.

I'm a huge fan of dark, smoky eye looks and they do not complement dark undereye circles, so Puff Off is the perfect product to help banish dark circles so I can still pull off a smoky eye like the 19 year old I still wish I was.

Benefit's Puff Off! is £22.50.

Benefit POREfessional | Pore minimising primer

Finally, Benefit's POREfessional is definitely in my top three favourite Benefit products. Its a primer designed to minimise pores and smooth out fine lines, which is fantastic for me on my mission to banish any signs of ageing from my face. (Can you tell how much I am not coming to terms with being in my late twenties?)

It's more of a balm than the light liquids I would usually use as a primer, but it's still just as easy to apply evenly and still helps create an even base for the rest of my make up.

Benefit's POREfessional is £15.50.

So there you have it, my current top three favourite Benefit products!

What are your favourites from Benefit? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Look nice :)
    Maria V.

  2. I love puff off, it's really cooling perfect for first thing in the morning. Haven't tried the other two yet but no doubt I will considering my benefit addiction.

    Tasha xxx

  3. I really need to get me some porefessional! My favorite is the boi-ing concealer <3


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