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#BlogBetter | January

Laura from Inside Laura's Head has come up with a fab blogging challenge that can help us all focus on parts of our blogs we want to improve and support each other! The #BlogBetter challenge has a range of categories and things you can try out each month, so I thought I'd give it a go.

First of all, if you fancy joining in, visit Inside Laura's Head to find out more about #BlogBetter.

For January I have chosen the following things to work on for the #BlogBetter challenge:

Improve my blog itself

  • Check categories on previous posts (this might take a while since I have an archive of over 300 posts! At least I have the rest of Jan to do it in...)
  • Link back to one or two of my old posts in each post 
  • Decide on and maintain a posting schedule (This is one of my New Year's Resolutions anyway!)
Promote your blog
  • Tweet the link to my 3 most recent posts more frequently, scheduling so I don't forget!
  • Post all new posts on my Facebook page
  • Pin your posts to a relevant board on my Pinterest (I've just revamped all my Pinterest boards too, so need to remember to do this!)
  • Post more often, but regularly, rather than 10 posts one day, then nothing for a week
  • Take groups of photos at once so I have plenty to post later
  • Interact with others every day!
Soo, these are my #BlogBetter challenges for January! Are you going to take part? Make sure you visit Laura's blog to see all the different things you can choose from. I'd love to know what you're going to work on :)

Let's check back next month for new challenges and to see how we all do!

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