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Ten under £10 - Brow Kits

Ten Under £10 | Budget Brow Kits

Oh January. The month where my acrylics are clinging on for dear life and my brows are unruly and rebellious because I can't afford to visit the salon just yet! So, thank God for budget beauty products and January sales. There's not much I can do for my acrylics, they will need to come off or I'll have to beg the hubby to pay for my appointment, but I can pick up a cheap brow kit for some emergency eyebrow maintenance.

There are plenty of cheap eyebrow kits available that are still really great and I've tried loads of them out. Here are my ten favourite brow kits for under £10!

Barry M Eyebrow Kit - £5.99

Barry M Eyebrow Kit

This is my go to brow kit. It comes with tiny tweezers, an applicator brush, a tinted eyebrow wax, dark powder and highlighter.

It's got everything for your eyebrow maintenance and touch ups, plus it fits in your handbag and the handy mirror inside the packaging means there is no excuse not to have perfectly preened eyebrows when you're out and about!

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette - £10

Freedom Pro HB Brow Palette
This Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette is a great little kit. It's got so many shades for you to mix and blend to help create the perfect brow without blowing your budget.

There are 6 duo powder shades to choose from, a highlighter, arch enhancing wax, an applicator brush and there's even 4 eyebrow stencils and a wide mirror so you can get the perfect shape!

No tweezers in this one though, so make sure you grab some before you start!

MUA Pro Brow Kit - £3.50 

MUA Pro Brow Kit
Ahh, trusty MUA. Always good for a bargain.

It's not the most comprehensive kit, but it does have two brow powder shades, highlighter and eyebrow wax, plus little tqeezers and an applicator.

The mirror inside is a decent size, plus it's only £3.50, so if you're really in a pinch, it's worth a go!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette - £7.99

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette
Makeup Revolution is possibly one of my favourite brands at the moment.

I love the style, quality and price of all the products, including this brow kit!

The Makeup Revolution eyebrow kit comes with powders, tinted wax, highlighters, an eyebrow pencil, tweezers and two applicator brushes, so it's pretty much everything you need for perfect brows and it's only £7.99

Rimmel Brow This Way - £3.99

Rimmel Brow This Way eyebrow kit
It's not quite the cheapest brow kit on the list, but at £3.99 it's not far off.

The Rimmel 'Brow This Way' kit doesn't have all the bells and whistles like some of the other sets I've mentioned, but it's staright to the point and does the job.

You can't complain about that!

Eylure Defining and Shading Brow Palette - £8.45

Eylure Defining and Shading Brow Kit
I didn't realise Eylure did any products other than gorgeous false eyelashes, until my friend whipped this little beauty out!

Similar to the other brow kits on the list, it's a trio consisting of a powder, tinted wax and highlighter with an applicator that's designed to help you shape and define your unruly brows.

I also really like the packaging of the Eylure brow kit!

Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder - £5.50

Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder
I never really used to be into Nyx products, but I recently got given a few bits for Christmas and I fell in love with them!

Their eyebrow kit is really cute and I love the little eyebrow brush that comes with it.

Again, it's a basic one, but the quality of the powder is really great considering it's only £5.50!

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit - £8.49

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit
This is another more simplified kit, but great to have in your handbag for eyebrow emergencies!

The Sleek Makeup Brow Kit comes with an eyebrow wax and eyebrow setting powder that can also be used to fill in sparse areas, as well as the little tweezers and applicator brushes.

I think this is the nicest wax on the list. I found it was the easiest to blend, making the whole process a little easier!

Collection Eyebrow Kit - £2.99

Collection Eyebrow KitThis is the cheapest brow kit on my list. 

Collection is always a great brand to head for if you want decent quality products and are really on a budget and this kit is no different.

It comes with two brow powders and a highlighter, and let's face it, if you're desperate, what more do you need?!

SEVENTEEN Brow That! Brow kit - £5.99

SEVENTEEN Brow That! eyebrow kit

Everything you need to define your beautiful brows in one tiny, handbag friendly kit, thanks to SEVENTEEN!

Again, a handy little trio of powder, wax and highlighter, but I like that this one has a pencil as well, like the Makeup Revolution kit, except this one can fit in my travel makeup bag much easier.

So there you have it. My ten bargain brow kits for under £10, so if you ever have an eyebrow emergency and you're skint, you know where to look!

Have you used any of these kits before? Or perhaps I missed your fave off the list! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Some really great priced products here, love the look of the Sleek kit (even better value as it's on a 2 for £10 at Boots at the minute!)
    Sheila R @CakeReev

  2. Thank you for the post , I also never new Eylure did a brow kit either so bought it to try out myself .. yes seems all good so far , however the highlighter has dries out a bit and does not give the same effect as when I previuosly bought ... I think I may try the Barry M one next ... Thank you for the post :)


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