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5 simple SEO tips for every blog post

SEO for bloggers

SEO is just one of those things and no matter how much research you do, sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

We all know that getting great Google page rankings is an amazing way to increase visitors to your blog without having to spend hours on social media constantly plugging your post. The more attention you pay to your blog post SEO, the likelier you are to be able to improve your page ranking and then you can watch the organic visitors roll in to read your amazing content!

There are so many things you can do for SEO, but I'm starting simple here! So, I've put together a few simple SEO tips that you can do with every blog post in an effort to boost your page rankings and become Google's best pal, all at the same time! Think of it like your beginners guide to SEO, once you've got the hang of this, you can start on the more advanced stuff and you'll begin to wonder what all the fuss was about!

Simple SEO tips for every blog post

1. Keywords 

The first rule of great SEO is content, and we all know that comes with research. We know what we want to write about, but how are we going to write about it so people can find it without compromising the quality of the content?

First of all you need to determine your what your keywords are. To do this, think about what you would type into google if you wanted to find a post like yours. Then, visit Google keyword planner where you can see the average search rates for the keywords you have come up with and find more suggestions based on your topics.

When you've got your keywords, you need to place them in your blog post naturally. The more you include the keywords in your article, the likelier it is that Google will make the connection between those search terms and your post, but you need to keep the content natural. It's also helpful to include them in titles, and even give them some formatting, such as putting them in bold, to highlight them even more.

If you can strike the right balance between natural, great content and enough keywords for Google, you are well on your way to an SEO friendly blog post!

2. SEO friendly permalinks

If you don't already know, your permalink is just the direct link to your post. Most blogging sites will automatically create you a permalink based on your post title, but you should still check the link to make sure it is as SEO friendly as possible.

Ideally, your permalink will include one of your keywords, not be too long (just a couple of words will be fine as long as they convey what the post is about) and also you need to remove any small words such as 'and', 'an' etc...

3. Titles & blog post structure

Want to make it as easy as possible for Google to see what your blog post is about? Well, first of all you should definitely think about your actual post title. Does it explain what the post is about without being too long? Does it contain at least one of your keywords? Is it going to stand out amongst all the other blog posts about the same topic?

Secondly, try to use headings and sub headings within the article. Structuring your blog post is important not only to make it easier for your readers, but also for Google. Use formatted headings to show what you are about to talk about. This is another great place to put in keywords as long as it is going to look natural.

If you're not going to use titles, at least use paragraphs within your post instead of one huge chunk of text, and line breaks after every sentence aren't a great idea either.

4. Photo alt tags

If you've taken an amazing photo of a product or have some really nice imagery that goes alongside your post then make sure Google can see it.

Giving your images alt tags and titles that contain your keywords and other descriptive words is great for SEO because it means google knows what is in the picture and can place it in image searches. Images found in google image search always link back to the original host, so this is another way for people to find your posts.

I've previously written posts on products or topics that so many people have been talking about so it's been difficult to get a good ranking amongst the rest of the bloggers who are all doing the same as I am, but by using a really great image with the right alt tags and titles, my photo stands out in the image search and I've gained my traffic that way!

5. Meta description

Making sure each blog post has a meta description is essential for good SEO but also helpful for your potential readers. Google will use the meta description in their listings, so not only is this a great opportunity for you to tell Google what your article is about, but you can also entice your potential readers to click on your post instead of the others in the list.

Again, making sure you include your keywords in the meta description is so important for SEO, but trying and make it catchy as well as descriptive. If you'r talking about a beauty product, try including who the product might be good for so your potential reader can see that it would be for them and entice them to click through.

There you have it! These are my top 5 simple SEO tips that you can use on every blog post. Let me know if you've found these helpful and I'll be keeping an eye out for your blogs on my next Google search!
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