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The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop products

Hello dolls. Hope you are all doing well.

I haven't treated myself to a real haul in a long time. I've picked up a couple of products here and there, but with my upcoming wedding and all sorts of other grown up things going on, I just haven't had the money to really treat myself to a big blow out.

But wedding planning and grown up things can be stressful, and I really felt like I needed to treat myself to a bit of pampering and it seemed only right that I call on The Body Shop to fulfil my needs! Luckily for me, my mum was having a Body Shop party so I got to have a gander at all of their lovely products before buying!

I grabbed myself some amazing products and I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I will be indulging in while I'm pampering myself!

The Body Shop | Satsuma shower gel | Satsuma body and hair oil | Satsuma body butter | Satsuma body polish

First up, I went for some gorgeous fruity scented products ready for the lovely spring weather that is on it's way. I chose to buy 4 products from the Satsuma range.

From left to right, I've picked up the Satsuma shower gel (£4.00), Satsuma beautifying body and hair oil (£9.00), Satsuma body butter (13.00) and the Satsuma body polish (£5.00). I'm looking forward to smelling considerably fruity and feeling really fresh after using these products!

The Body Shop | Coconut body butter |Coconut body scrub | Almond hand and nail cream

Next, I've chosen three products of the nutty variety, just because they are lovely to have in my collection! From left to right again, I've chosen the Coconut body butter (£13.00), Coconut body scrub (£13.00) and Almond hand and nail cream (£5.00).

The Body Shop oil burner | Lavender fragrance oil | Shea eau de toilette | Eye definer pencil

Next up, I've gone for a cute little oil burner (£10.00) and a Lavender fragrance oil (£4.00) to go with it to add a new decorative fragrance to my dressing room. Plus I couldn't leave The Body Shop without buying something with that gorgeous Shea scent, so I opted for the Shea Eau de Toilette (£8.50). Also in this picture you'll see I've gone for the Body Shop eye definer pencil in black (£8.00) because, well, just because! :)

The Body Shop | Peppermint cooling foot lotion | Vitamin E moisturising cream

I've also made two repurchases in my Body Shop haul; the Peppermint cooling foot lotion (£3.00) and the Vitamin E moisturising cream (£11.00). I've used both of these products on and off for years and I still love them so I think I will post some proper reviews soon so I can tell you all about them!

I'm so excited about getting all pampered with all my gorgeous new Body Shop products!

What are your favourite Body Shop products? See anything here you fancy trying out or is there anything specific you'd like to see an in depth review on before you pick it up for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love Body Shop products you've definitely been spoilt for choice with this lot!


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