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Managing your blog while you are on holiday

Managing your blog while on holiday

We all love a bit of holiday time, but what does it mean for your blog? Whether you're going away for a weekend or a two weeks it's important to consider what will happen with your blog and social media in that time so I've listed my top tips for managing your blog while you are on holiday!

Create content in advance

If you're a consistent blogger, try to stick to your existing posting schedule. Set some time aside to write and plan a reasonable number of posts for the amount of time you are away that reflects your natural blogging pattern.

Work this writing time into your holiday prep. Try not to do it all the night before you leave because you run the risk of rushing and reducing the standard of your content. Put as much time into your advanced posts as you normally would and then all you have to do is hit schedule!

Bring in the guest posters

If you don't have time to write all your posts before you go away, look for other bloggers who might want to submit a guest post to save you the time of creating content.

Bear in mind, it's unrealistic to ask a guest blogger to create a post and send it over to you within a day or so. Advertise that you are looking for posters at least one month in advance and let them know the deadline. Remember, they will have their own blog to run at the same time, so the more time you can give them, the better!

Guest bloggers are great for saving time, but also it's likely they will give you a little extra social media promotion as they will want people to go and read , but don't forget to return the favour by still promoting their post.

Let people know

There are several ways to let people know you aren't around. Make the most of your social media before you go away but sending out a few tweets or facebook posts to tell people you aren't going to be there so might be a little slower getting back to them.

When you go, pin a tweet to your timeline that tells people you are away and when you will be back, you can do the same on your facebook. Pop a little note somewhere on your blog that is visible! That

Out of office

Similarly, if you use a specific email address for your blog, put an out of office automatic reply on so they know not to expect a response straight away.

It's a good idea to let them know when you are back, but make sure you check your emails on your return so they aren't left waiting too much longer!

Stay social

You don't have to keep your phone strapped to your hand the whole time you are away, but it's already likely that you will be posting holiday bits and bobs on Instagram or twitter, which is nice to give your followers a little something while you're absent.

But, you can also schedule blog post links to keep promoting when you're not at the computer. I either use Buffer or Hootsuite for my social media scheduling.

Try to keep it natural though. Don't overload with a million links a day, and try not to clog up popular twitter chats, that method tends not to work. Think about how often you would usually promote a post and try to stick to a similar pattern.

And there you have it. Those are my top 5 tips to keep your blog running smoothly while you're away on holiday. So now, you won't have to worry about a thing, and you can really enjoy your time away! Hope you have a lovely time!

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  1. This was just what I needed!! I've got two holidays in the next six months and I'm so excited but worried about missing so much time. Thanks for this, great post - super useful and going in the 'saves' folder! x
    Ally |

  2. Some really good tips! Although no Holidays have been booked yet, I will be in the lakes quite a bit, and as we all know the internet won't be great - Ill defo be getting a few posts sheduled! xx


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