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How to create the perfect blog post

How to create the perfect blog post

Having studied journalism, interned in PR and worked in marketing, I have a fair bit of experience in copy writing, but that doesn't make me an expert because there are so many different ways to write something well and the success of the piece determines not only on the quality of writing, but whether the author has taking into consideration their publishing platform and audience.

Still with me?

Content creation is unique to the platform it is being published on and who is going to be reading it, so you need to make sure you are aware of this before you start writing. For example, within tech blogging, readers might expect lengthier posts that are packed full of facts and figures and useful info, however within fashion blogging, readers might be looking for something shorter, snappier and that paints the picture of the art of the fashion being written about either with words or actual imagery.

There is no correct answer, it's all unique to different publishers, but there are a few key elements that will help you create the perfect blog post.

How to create the perfect blog post

1. Relevant topic

This seems obvious, but one of the most important thing about content creation is to make sure the topic is relevant to the blog it's being posted on. For example, on a beauty blog, you'll gather interest by posting about cosmetics and makeup, but it might not be relevant to post about gaming. However, it also doesn't mean you just have to stick to beauty, as you can assume a vast majority of your audience may also be interested in similar topics such as fashion, health and fitness etc. So think about things from your readers point of view. They clicked on to read your post about that new lipstick, but are they really going to be interested in that new video game that's coming out?

2. Good quality copy

While I can't offer you a quick fix on improving copywriting skills, it is something that comes with practice, and blogging is an excellent way to get better. There are a few things you can do to make sure you are writing to the best of your ability every time though:

  • Research your topic so you are always posting facts
  • Proof read to make sure you have no spelling errors or unfinished sentences
  • If you're conscious about SEO, do your keyword research and work them in naturally
  • Actually say something - don't just reel off a few sentences and hit publish. Give your readers a reason to read your post, not someone else's.

3. Excellent photography

Pay attention to your imagery. If you're able to provide your readers with a visual of what you are talking about, then seize the opportunity. Take good quality photographs and edit them accordingly.

Also try to take in to consideration the layout of your blog before editing and taking photos. If you've got a running theme - try to reflect that in some way in your images.

Also, try not to overpower the post with images. As great as it is to use a lot of images to give your readers something nice to look at, don't overshadow the words with pictures as they will get lost.

4. Personality

Try to show some personality in the post. The great thing about blogging is that you can show your readers a bit of yourself in the writing, so do it!

Use a tone similar to one you would speak in, but keeping in mind that not everyone may understand any slang you use. Keep things friendly and it will give your readers a more relaxed and comfortable feel.

5. Well constructed

Think about writing things in a logical order.

  • Start by writing a good headline or post title
  • Give a brief introduction to the post
  • If your post is a long one, think about including sub headings to break it up a little
  • Think about your image placement - use a header image and if you have others to add, will it look better to put them together or spread them throughout the post?
  • Make sure your links are working 
  • Bring the post to a close with a summary or some closing questions instead of an abrupt end
  • Consider using a sign off at the end
I hope these tips will help you when you're writing your next post - I'd love you to leave me some links in the comments if you've tried out some of these tips! Or perhaps you have some helpful tips on top of these that you'd like to share. I'd love to hear them!

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