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Ten under £10: Volumising Hair Products

Budget volumising hair products | Hair products under £10

It's Thursday and that means it's time for another 'ten under £10' post! This time, I'm focusing on volumising hair products.

As I regularly discuss it on my blog, you will be fully aware that my hair is naturally very fine and flat. Like, it's unbearably flat. So I have to put my trust into several volumising hair products to help give my hair a bit of a lift and here are 10 of my favourites, all for under £10!


Party nails with Prairie Charms*

Party nail art | Aztec nails | Chevron nails | Glitter nails

I can spend hours and hours playing around with different nail art designs and absolutely love doing it. I always love it when someone compliments me on my nail art so I don't mind putting the effort in!

Recently I got some lovely nail art accessories from Prairie Charms and fancied trying out some party nail looks. I got two sets of stickers, one with aztec designs and one with lovely gold chevrons, and a nice pack of silver loose glitter and I've created 3 different party nail looks, bound to get you loads of compliments too!

First up, I went for the  Lily aztec nail vinyls. These were very different to any kind of nail art I'd done before, which is what drew them to me! I went for a bit of as statement and placed them on top of two layers of Models Own HyperGel White Light so there was a big contrast between the black sticker and the white polish.

Managing your blog while you are on holiday

Managing your blog while on holiday

We all love a bit of holiday time, but what does it mean for your blog? Whether you're going away for a weekend or a two weeks it's important to consider what will happen with your blog and social media in that time so I've listed my top tips for managing your blog while you are on holiday!


Ten under £10: Cleansers

Ten cleansers under £10 | Budget skincare products

Tadaaaaa! Welcome to my new blog post series :) I've decided that every week, I'm going to tell you all about my favourite 10 of a certain product for under £10!

Hopefully I'll be able to help you find something that works for you and save you a few pennies as well.

First off, I'm starting with cleansers. I've recently been looking for a new one and have been going on and on about how I need to be careful because my skin is relatively sensitive mixed with the fact it is super com. But then I figured, why not just stick with something that has worked before!

So, here's my round up of my top 10 cleansers!


BiOrganics Hair Therapy Perfect Balance Rebalancing Shampoo Review

BiOrganics Hair Therapy Perfect Balance Rebalancing Shampoo review

A few Birchboxes ago, I received a lovely little 50ml sample of BiOrganics Hair Therapy Perfect Balance shampoo. I'm always a little dubious about receiving hair products in beauty boxes like Birchbox, because my hair is so fussy and I've only ever found a handful of products that actually work well on it.

My hair has always been long and fine, which makes it very flat. Although it's fine, there's quite a lot of it, which makes it susceptible to becoming very knotty. And to top it off, the roots get greasy very quickly and the ends are very dry. I don't help my case by colouring and using heat on it as well. I know, tell me off later.

My hair has been in severe need of a hair care shake up to try and revive it's quality. This ever changing British weather isn't helping my poor hair either. It's just dying to get that natural Vitamin D from the sunshine.

So, I decided to give the BiOrganics Rebalancing Shampoo a go.

The first thing to note about the BiOrganics range is that they use completely organic products, even suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop products

Hello dolls. Hope you are all doing well.

I haven't treated myself to a real haul in a long time. I've picked up a couple of products here and there, but with my upcoming wedding and all sorts of other grown up things going on, I just haven't had the money to really treat myself to a big blow out.

But wedding planning and grown up things can be stressful, and I really felt like I needed to treat myself to a bit of pampering and it seemed only right that I call on The Body Shop to fulfil my needs! Luckily for me, my mum was having a Body Shop party so I got to have a gander at all of their lovely products before buying!

I grabbed myself some amazing products and I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I will be indulging in while I'm pampering myself!


How to create the perfect blog post

How to create the perfect blog post

Having studied journalism, interned in PR and worked in marketing, I have a fair bit of experience in copy writing, but that doesn't make me an expert because there are so many different ways to write something well and the success of the piece determines not only on the quality of writing, but whether the author has taking into consideration their publishing platform and audience.

Still with me?

Content creation is unique to the platform it is being published on and who is going to be reading it, so you need to make sure you are aware of this before you start writing. For example, within tech blogging, readers might expect lengthier posts that are packed full of facts and figures and useful info, however within fashion blogging, readers might be looking for something shorter, snappier and that paints the picture of the art of the fashion being written about either with words or actual imagery.

There is no correct answer, it's all unique to different publishers, but there are a few key elements that will help you create the perfect blog post.


Mother's Day 2015 Gift Guide

Mother's Day gift ideas

Who else forgot it was Mother's Day this month? *raises hand*

Yep, oops! I've been so busy sorting so many other things out, that Mother's Day completely slipped my mind. Cue absolute panic that I hadn't bought a gift, and then a big sigh of relief when I realised I've still got a week to get hold of something.

In the spirit of helping my fellow forgetful beauties, here's my short and sweet Mother's Day gift guide if you need some last minute inspiration!

February empties

DollfaceBlogs | February empties | Cocoa Brown, Eucerin Maybelline, Clean & Clear, Eslor, MUA

I haven't done an empties post for such a long time, so this is well overdue. I've had all of these products for a while now and they have finally come to an end this month, which I'm really sad about but I thought I'd let you know what I enjoyed about them and whether I will be repurchasing!

1. Eucerin Dermo PURIFYER cleanser

Eucerine dermo PURIFYER cleanser

The Eucerin dermoPURIFYER cleanser is one I got my hands on about 6 months ago now and started using it daily about 4 months ago and it has lasted me right up until last week! It's a light, gel cleanser that is perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. I've used it every morning as a fresh start to the day for my skin and I'm pretty sure my skin has been thanking me for it because it's looking much brighter and healthier.