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Mini drugstore haul

High street make up products

It's been a while since I actually purchased anything new for my makeup collection. Recently, with Christmas and all the wedding things going on, I've only had money to replenish things that run out, so this weekend I decided to treat myself and picked up a couple of new additions and, in true blogger fashion, I thought I'd share my purchases with you!

1. Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo 

I was previously using a Tresemme dry shampoo, but I found myself falling out with it recently as I just wasn't getting the results I wanted. So, I decided it was time to switch and I decided to opt for Batiste since I had heard such great things about the brand. There were many options to pick from, but I went for the XXL volume because my hair always tends to be flat so anything that offers a little extra boost attracts me straight away!

The Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo was £3.99 in Superdrug

2. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter

I lied a little when I said all of the products in this haul were new additions to my collection. I've actually owned this concealer before but I bought it in a shade which matched my foundation exactly. This time, I've bought a couple of shades lighter so I can use it as more of a highlighter than a concealer as I previously did.

The Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter was £5.99 in Superdrug

3. L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Volume Mascara

I'm a total sucker for any mascara that tells me it's going to give me mega volume, so as soon as I saw this one, it had to go in my basket. I'm intrigued about the conical shape of the brush and how that will work on my lashes as well, so looking forward to trying this one out.

The L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky volume Mascara was £4.99 in Superdrug

4. Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder

I've always stuck to the same brands for powders and I thought it was about time I tried a new one, so I opted for the Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder and I'm looking forward to seeing whether it's any different to my current preference in powders.

The Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder was £5.99 in Superdrug

5. Barry M Lip Liner

I'm running really low in lip liners at the moment. I always tend to lose them actually and the other day I realised I could only find one! So I decided to treat myself to a couple of new ones and chose to go for Barry M. I picked a red, shade 3, and a pink, shade 2, so hopefully I'll be back to my lovely lip art in no time!

The Barry M Lip Liners were £2.99 each in Superdrug.

As per usual, you can expect to see reviews of these products up on DollfaceBlogs very soon!

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