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Pond's Institute Cold Cream Cleanser and Eye Contour Cream review*

Pond's Institute Cleansing Cold Cream and Eye Contour Cream Review

Skincare is a hot topic for me at the moment, especially with my recent breakout! I've completely restocked my skincare routine with some amazing new products that have been working wonders on my poorly skin, and these two have been too fabulous not to tell you about.

Pond's Institute is a brand that has been around for a while, and I'm not going to lie, I think my gran uses it, so the teenage me has always skipped past it in the drug store because obviously it's made for older people, right? COMPLETELY WRONG.

Now I've tried out the cold cream cleanser and the eye contour cream, I've been kicking myself for not paying attention sooner. Looks like my Gran knows what she's talking about after all. (Just don't tell her I said so!)

It looks like Pond's has recently undergone a bit of a revamp, because I'm sure they didn't look like this before. The cleansing cold cream pot looks gorgeous on my dresser, and the eye contour cream is now in a little tube, which makes it fab for popping in my handbag or travel bag, and also it helps you moderate how much you are using.

I'll start with the cleansing cold cream. The idea behind this is to apply straight onto your skin, whether your are wearing make up or not, and then you can either remove with cotton wool, or with a warm, damp flannel. I tend to go for the flannel as I just feel a bit more refreshed after doing so, especially in the morning.

Jica Nail Magic Nail Hardener and Conditioner Review*

Jica Nail Magic Review

My nails aren't in the best shape at the moment. I have quite soft nails that are prone to breakages from years of constantly wearing acrylics as a teenager, which probably wasn't the smartest idea.

I gave the acrylics up a good couple of years ago, but my nails are still quite soft and I need to be very careful with them. I've tried a few nail hardeners and strengtheners before but they tend to only have effect when you are actually wearing the product, I don't think any of the ones I've actually tried have benefited my nails a massive amount.

The Jica Nail Magic hardener is also a nail conditioner, implying that it helps restore some of the goodness that your nails need. Jica are so confident that it is effective in treating thin, splitting, weak and damaged nails in six weeks, that they offer a money back guarantee. So, if they are that confident, I was excited about giving it a go!

Montagne Jeunesse face masks review and giveaway

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

Time for another, long overdue, giveaway my beautiful dolls! If you fancy winning yourself a bunch of Montagne Jeunesse (You may now know them as 7th Heaven) face mask goodies, then keep reading! Before we get to that, I'm going to be reviewing the very products you could be winning!

I received the Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask, Hot Spring Sauna Mask and Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque!

Montagne Jeunesse Black Seaweed Peel Off Face MaskFirst up, I tried out the Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask. What I really like about this mask is that it's designed so you can use it every week, which means I need to stock up!

It's full of natural ingredients, apparently straight from the Welsh seaside! It certainly smells refreshing and seaweed-y, and it's actually quite pleasant.

This is an ultra cleansing mask, which my skin was in desperate need of. I've been suffering with a few really angry, red spots at the moment, so they needed to chill out!

I applied the mask, super easily, and let it dry for 15 minutes, before peeling off. I very almost peeled it off in one go, but I think I got a tad excited and ruined it for myself. Nevertheless, it's pretty easy to remove and since it's black, it's really easy to spot if you've missed any bits.


Jica Lash Extensions review*

Jica Lash Extensions

If only getting eyelash extensions was cheap, I would get them done all the time, but on my budget at the moment, my trips to the salon have definitely been sacrificed! So, in order to make up for this, I've been on the hunt for products that can help me get my salon treatments at home.

First stop was definitely finding an alternative eyelash extensions treatment. I actually haven't been getting these done for a while but I really miss not having to deal with the faff of coats and coats of mascara, or battling with stick on lashes all the time.

Jica Lash Extensions

Jica Lash Extensions is a little bottle of natural fibres that are designed to latch onto your own lashes and give you longer and fuller looking lashes. The bottle is quite small, and inside is a little mascara wand that picks up the fibres and lets you brush them on just as you would with your mascara.