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10 Best Denim Shorts for Summer

The sun is coming out, or at least it was. I'm not sure where it's gone! But in the hope that it will be back soon, I've put together my top 10 picks of denim shorts!

Denim shorts are an absolute fave of mine when the sun is shining. I recently wore some for England's first world cup match, check out my ootd post here! I love them because they can be so simple and be the base for a great outfit, or they can be the main attraction!

There are so many different styles, colours and patterns now that you and your friend could both wear some denim shorts, and look completely different! Whatever your style, denim shorts can really work on so many different levels.

As I usually do with my time, I've been scouring the internet to find my absolute favourites to I can get my wardrobe ready for the rest of the summer and I've picked (what I think are) the 10 best denim shorts for summer that need to be in my wardrobe! (Oooh and yours!)

1. Topshop MOTO Mint Daisy Mini Hotpants - £22

VO5 Plump it Up Dry Backcomb Spray Review

VO5 plump it up dry back comb spray

I bought the VO5 plump it up dry backcomb spray absolutely ages ago and then read a load of bad reviews, so kind of shoved it to the back of my drawer and never really used. It wasn't until recently that I found it and thought I may as well give it a go and see what happens. I was delightfully surprised by the results I got!

My hair is so flat, even if I use a lot of volumising shampoo and conditioner or blow dry my head upside down. It takes forever to get a bit of volume in there and even when I do, it falls flat about an hour later which is not ideal!

Backcombing is the only way I've managed to get a bit of oomph into my hair and I'm sure the amount I do is probably not good for my locks, so I definitely need to either embrace the flatness or find a way around it!

June beauty wish list

Hair and make up product wishlist

I love pay day, although I always manage to have made half of my wage packet disappear by the end of the week, which is not great when you get paid monthly!

I always have a little pay day wish list, of things I've got my eye on buying  and since pay day is this Friday, I thought I'd share my June pay day wish list with you!

There is always something from MAC on my pay day wish lists, but I don't usually get around to actually buying them. Hopefully, this month, I can change that by purchasing my current fave from the Pro Longwear Lipglass range - Full Speed Ahead. It looks like such a cute pink colour. I know someone who wear this all the time, and I am always jealous when I see her! It's £17.50, so a tad more than I would usually pay for a lipgloss, but it just looks so good!

I have notoriously knotty hair. It's such a nightmare, especially after I wash it. I've known about Tangle Teezer's for ages, but just thought they were another gimmick.

OOTD: Pink Boutique jumpsuit

Pink Boutique Pink and Black Jumpsuit

I've been quite enjoying doing these fashion posts lately, and since I LOVED my outfit that I wore last night, I decided to feature it as an outfit of the day!

This is the Onna coral and black jumpsuit from Pink Boutique. I actually got this a while ago, wore it once and loved it but haven't had the opportunity to wear it again until last night, when I went out for drinks for a friends birthday.


All About Chemical Skin Peels in association with Sk:n*

Chemical skin peels

I'll be the first to admit, I love a quick fix. Anything that saves me having to do ridiculously long routines, like plucking my eyebrows until they are perfect, that can easily be fixed by a trip to my HD Brow specialist.
I spend a lot of time trying to get my skin to look great, and, although it's improving, I certainly wish it wasn't taking this long. It's a constant battle from finding the perfect skincare products and make up that can quickly be foiled if I throw something into the mix that my skin doesn't agree with; back to square one!

I'm not saying I look old, I mean, I get ID'd wherever I go. I even got ID'd for Beechams in Sainsbury's the other week. I'm 25 years old; awkward. Anyway, I just sometimes wish it was a bit plumper, less of the fine lines I can see coming through and just looked a tad more illuminated and happy than it does already. As much as trying every makeup product on the map out, I've also been debating a chemical skin peel.

I haven't actually had one, nor have I gone for a consultation about one, but Sk:n clinics have given me lots of useful information that I thought I would share it with you, just in case you are thinking the same.

Just a quick note - I'm not a doctor, I'm not a trained dermatologist or anything similar. All this information is stuff I have been advised or researched myself.

Makeup revolution wishlist

Makeup revolution wishlist

I have recently been introduced to a lovely little makeup brand called 'Makeup Revolution', so decided to create a little wishlist!

If you haven't already heard, Makeup Revolution launched in March this year and boast new, quality and cruelty-free products at affordable prices.

They certainly weren't lying about the affordability, with products starting from just £1! Amazing!

Here are a few of the products I quite fancy getting my hands on!

OOTD: World Cup 2014: England vs Italy

OOTD: World Cup 2014: England vs Italy

Unless you have been living in a cave for a while, you will be fully aware that the football World cup is happening right now and today is England's first match against Italy.

My fiance has taken it upon himself to invite everybody he knows round to our house to watch the game, which I initially thought would be fine, until he told me it didn't kick off until 11pm! 

We've ended up turning it into a little party, with people coming over beforehand for a little BBQ and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was to wear an England top. Unfortunately for my fiance, I am not wearing a football top. For a start, I can never find one in my size, and they are far too expensive, I just can't warrant spending that amount of money for something I'm going to wear for a couple of weeks and then probably not for another 4 years, by which time there will be a new one and I'll be conned into buying that one.

Luckily for me, I popped to New Look to just to pick up some new sunglasses and spotted this little beauty, reduce to £3. A perfect compromise! It says 'England 1966 - 2014 Brazil' on the front, so I can get away with supporting the England team without wearing an unflattering top or having Mike in a strop because I 'refuse to join in'... (Men!)

How to get the Perfect Tan

Perfect fake tan | Self tanning tips

Although the sun has been popping it's beautiful head out for us all to enjoy, if you are anything like me, a lovely, natural tan can still be difficult to achieve. If it's not turning bright red, my skin tends to stay the same colour, even after a marathon sunbathing session (with correct SPF usage, of course).

So, in order to keep up with my gorgeously tanned friends, I need a little help from a bottle and I'd also like to make sure nobody notices I've been faking it unless I have actually asked them round to help me reach that awkward part on my back that I can never reach by myself.

The key to fake tanning is all in the preparation, but there are also a few application and after-care tips that can help you get the perfect tan, and make it last! They are also great for general skincare, so even if you aren't tanning, some of these prep tips will still give you gloriously glowing skin!

OOTD: Beyonce Floral Panel Bodycon dress from FD Avenue*

Beyonce dress - FD Avenue
Please point me in the direction of a girl who has not once been in awe of, or taken style inspiration from, the legend that is Beyonce.

I absolutely love her style and when I saw that I could get my hands on dupe dresses and outfits from FD Avenue, I wasn't going to say no.

This gorgeous floral panel bodycon dress is inspired by a dress Beyonce herself has been spotted in and is an absolute steal for only £14.99... no, really!

In the picture at the top of this post, you can see the gorgeous Queen Bey herself in the dress.

And here I am:

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser Review*

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser

Hello dolls!

I am finally back from the perils of studying for my final exams; they are now over! Thank god for that!

So, I thought as my first post back for you, I would get straight back into reviewing, because I haven't told you about products I've been loving recently!

Not long ago, I was sent Eucerin's DermoPURIFYER Cleanser by the gorgeous people at Escentual. It was amazing timing as well, my skin was looking AWFUL, thanks to long days and nights studying and lots of stress. My face was beginning to look like a join the dots puzzle... great!

The bottle says that Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser effectively, yet gently eliminates excess sebum while removing dirt and make-up thanks to its soap-free formula.

Guest post: 5 summer fashion essentials

Summer fashion essentials

Hello all!

Chantele here from Two Hearts One Roof. I’m very happy to be guest posting for Emma today. As the warm weather seems to be finally creeping up on us I thought I could put together a little post on my 5 essential items for this summer.

I think I am overall more of a winter girl, as I love cardigans, tights and big winter jackets, so I sometimes find Summer a lot harder to dress for, that's why I came up with my 5 essentials list. Throw in a few vest tops in pretty colours, and a blouse or 2 and that is the entirety of my summer wardrobe.