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X Factor Style - Live Shows // Week 4

X Factor Style and Fashion - Live Shows Week 4

Hey dolls, sorry my X Factor fashion post is a little later than usual, but rest assured, I hadn't forgotten about it!

This week was halloween, so all the contestants were dressed in their scariest attire and they did put on a fantastic show.

Can we just pause for a moment, before we carry on, to talk about Stevi Richie..?! Now, I'm not sure what you all made of his Phantom of the Opera performance, but once he got the shaky first verse out of the way, he was actually pretty good! Maybe a life on the stage will happen for him after all! Part of me did miss the cheesy, fun-filled Stevi, but you could see how pleased and overwhelmed he was with the reaction from the crowd. I actually felt a little bit proud!

Okay, now back to it. I'm not going to be rating their halloween costumes here, I'm going for the actual fashion here, well as best as I can!

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Best dressed

Betsy Only The Young Halloween Outfit | Suzanne Neville Shaftesbury Dress | X Factor Live Shows Week 4
Betsy (Only the Young)

I know it was Halloween and obviously that's the best excuse to dress up, but wearing an actual designer wedding dress, well, why the hell not!

Betsy donned this fabulous Suzanne Neville 'Shaftesbury' designer wedding dress from the Novello 2015 collection.

With it being a tea length wedding dress was easily played down to look less bridal, with a black belt and a few accessories, but I'm still totally in love with it!

I'm not sure of the price,  but if you want to check out any more of Suzanne Neville's dresses, you can visit her website here.

Fleur East Halloween Outfit | Suzanne Neville dress | X Factor Live Shows Week 4
Fleur East

The sensational Fleur East just has a fabulous style. She is slowly making it to be my favourite contest this year as she's just a ready made artist and I would defintiely buy her music!

Unsurprisingly, designers are now jumping on board to design gorgeous outfits especially for her and this one was designed by none other than Suzanne Neville (yes, the designer who is also responsible for Betsy's dress!).

The silk and chiffon gown is so stylish, quirky and definitely suits Fleur down to a tee.

She looked so glamorous and is literally killing it in the fashion stakes. Well, in my opinion anyway!

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Emilio de la Moreno Dress | X Factor Live Shows Week 4
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

What a shocker, Cheryl's back in my faves of the X Factor fashion round up.

I really loved her cute little black dress from the Sunday results show.

This dress is by Emilio de la Moreno, from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

I like that it's not just plain black, but actually it's all black leopard print, which is a lovely little twist, and gives it something extra.

I've found a similar dress, which is probably slightly more affordable, from House of Fraser. It's the Morgan bustier dress with leopard print fabric, for £63.20 (was £79)

Mel B Gucci Dress | X Factor Live Shows Week 4
Mel B

Mel definitely got it right this week, with a stunning, full-length, sparkly Gucci dress.

I love the embellished top, accented by her lovely silver accessories, and the black, sleek skirt keeps it looking chic and sophisticated.

Being a Gucci dress, you can imagine the price tag is pretty steep, and you'd be right. The dress comes in at £3700 on the Gucci website from the ready to wear dresses.

If you want to re-create a similar style, Quiz have a similar styled dress. The only thing is that it's not quite as blingy, but it does still have a bit of embellishment and is is only a fraction of the expensive designer price at only £59.99.

Worst dressed

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Ziad Nakad Dress | X Factor Live Shows Week 4Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

It was going to happen at some point, but I still feel sad that I'm featuring Cheryl on my worst dressed list, not once, but twice!

I am even more disappointed to be featuring her Ziad Nakad, heavily embellished, sheer dress from the Fall 2014 costume range

When she first walked out in this, I was stunned, it really is stunning. But take a look at the tops of her thighs... You can see the underneath slip straight through and I think it takes away from the sleekness and illusion of the dress.

I don't know if this is part of the dress itself, or a actually part of Cheryl's underwear to try and conceal a little bit, but once I spotted it, I couldn't look at anything else and it really distracted from the design of the dress. This could just be me being picky though...

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini 'I Don't Care' X Factor performance outfit | X Factor Live Shows Week 4This one has been an opinion splitter.

Some loved it, some thought she had covered herself in loo roll before running out on stage. Well, I guess it was the Halloween show.

Either way, there had been strong opinions on Cheryl's outfit from her performance. I liked the top.and have actually been eyeing up a similar one for a while from Motel for £25 - the Bettina Long Sleeve Crop Top in White Mesh.

It was actually designed by Cheryl's own stylist, Anna Hughes-Chamberlain who didn't really appreciate the comments on social media about her masterpiece.

Ah well, you can't win them all, even if you are Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Maybe next week!

Time for your thoughts! Do you agree with my choices, or do you think I missed someone out? And what about the competition itself! Who do you think will be out next?

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