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Top 10 tips for bloggers on twitter

Twitter advice for bloggers

It's been a while since I wrote another post for my blogging tips series, so I thought I would jump straight back in there with a big one! This time, I'll be focusing on best practice for bloggers on twitter.

So, how can you get people from twitter onto your blog?

There are so many different tips floating around the blogging universe on how to use twitter for blogging, and most people tend to think they need a million followers before twitter will become a useful tool for promoting their blog, but in fact, that's not necessarily the case. It might be better said that twitter is one of the best places to start driving traffic to your blog.

Write good content, promote it well and the followers will come to you. (Okay, that makes it sound easy peasy, but it does take a fair bit of work).

As I like to do at the beginning of these posts, I'll just post a little disclaimers. I'm no expert, and I am fully aware I'm not the biggest blogger, nor do I have the biggest twitter following. But I do have a few years' experience of blogging as well as working in marketing so I have picked up a few hints and tips along the way. Some of which I do, and some I don't, but not for any other reason than I don't have time. You don't have to take my advice as bible, or you might have different advice that you would give, and if that's the case, I would love to hear it in the comments section of this post. Bloggers helping bloggers and all that.

Before we start, if you'd like to catch up with any of my other blogging tips posts then click here!

Onto the matter at hand, let's get tweeting...

1. Start with some great content

Content is king in the blogging and marketing world. The most engaging tweets have something interesting to say, or link to an article of interest, so make sure you focus on building some great blog post ideas so you have something good to tell your followers about.

This could go from a new product, an exciting outfit, makeup techniques, or a brand new brand that you've fallen in love with (You can tell I'm talking beauty and fashion bloggers here). I'll be posting a content advice post in the newt few weeks as another part of my blogging tips series. I'll link it here when I've finished it so keep an eye out for it!

Some twitter users follow thousands of people, so you need to break through the bombardment of tweets on their timeline and jump out at them with an exciting piece of content that they are going to have to click on.

2. Construct your tweets wisely

Twitter is obviously limited to 140 characters for tweets. This includes links, images and hashtags, so you need to think cleverly when you are writing your tweets.

Sometimes, it's not the best tactic to write the entire blog post name, followed by a link and a couple of hash tags, try enticing the reader to click through and find out more. I was reading something the other day that reported that tweets under 100 characters got a 21% higher interaction rate.

Try picking a out a blog post of yours, and write a tweet that's less than 10 words. It doesn't have to be the post title, think of something intuitive, or different. Kind of like a teaser, that would mean they would have to click through to the post to find out more.

If you don't fancy using the shorter tweet method, you could try using a simple quote from the post, followed by the link. I've not tried this yet, but have been told about this method by lots of people.

3. People love photo's

I am probably 5 times more likely to stop scrolling down my twitter timeline if I've seen an image that's quite interesting, or has a product I like in it etc, so why don't you add some of your post images into the tweet to grab people's attention?

You could even design a whole bunch of images that is a complete visual, of the product or something to do with the post and add some text to it that says 'Click the link for more information'. No text needed for the tweet except your link! Simply just upload the photo, add the link and tweet.

4. Hashtags

There are some really big hashtags for beauty and fashion bloggers, all derived from twitter chats (see my twitter chat post for more information on these). But are these the best hashtags to be using?

While they are great for the twitter chats, they will be flooded daily with links and other bits and bobs, so do your research and find some hashtags that are just as relevant, but not as densely populated, so you don't get lost in the sea of tweets.

Also, keep an eye on what's trending. If you see something that's relevant to something you posted about recently, then join in the conversation. You could even slot a little promotional tweet in there!

5. Mentions

There are two ways to look at mentions on twitter, let's start by when someone mentions you. If someone has mentioned you in a tweet, especially when they've included a link to your blog, retweet it, favourite it and engage with that user by having a chat or at least acknowledging that they have appreciated your blog enough to tell their followers.

Secondly, make use of mentioning brands on twitter if you're featured them in the post. They might catch wind of your tweet and blog post and offer a retweet which will give you that little bit extra promotion! Bear in mind that a lot of brands probably get an awful lot of similar tweets every day, so they may not always retweet you, but if you have an engaging tweet or a really good blog post that catches their attention, they might just recognise you by retweeting!

6. Don't over promote

I've so been guilty of this, but remember that not every tweet needs to be a promotional one. Your followers don't want to be barraged with an endless stream of repeated blog links.

Tweet other interesting stuff too!

7. Give your followers something exclusive!

Give your followers a reason to follow you on twitter. Post exclusive photo's that don't appear on your blog, retweet  amazing information that they will want to see.

I sometimes tweet about the latest sales that I've found from my favourite shops, or if I've seen something exciting that I'd really like to buy.

I'll also post advice and hints & tips as well as asking my followers for their advice.

Twitter is supposed to be a conversation, not a forced overload of information.

8. Engage with your followers and other bloggers 

Twitter chats are a great place to start with this, but make sure you recognise your followers by sometimes interacting with what they are saying too. This goes for bloggers as well. I'm pretty sure you follow lots of like-minded bloggers, so if you see them post something interesting, have a chat with them about it!

Twitter is a great networking tool, and you can build up a great group of twitter friends if you engage and get involved!

9. Want a RT? Just ask!

Now, I don't mean just constantly send tweets to people with thousands of followers begging them to RT something, that can look a little desperate sometimes.

But if you've written something that is great quality and something you think people will be interested in, then why don't just add a simple 'Please RT' onto the end of your tweet?

Some clever twitter researchers have apparently noticed that tweets like this get anything from 12-20 times more retweets than those that don't ask. It's worth a shot, right?

10. Schedule tweets

As much as I'd love to, I don't have all day to be sitting on twitter, tweeting about my blog posts or chattering away to people, so I use sites like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule my tweets.

I can set a date and time that I want the tweet to be sent and even add links and images, making it easier for me to keep active on twitter when I'm actually busy at work or something else.

Be careful not to rely on these too heavily, as you still need to be engaging with your followers/people you follow, plus keeping an eye on hashtags and trending topics!

So, there's my top 10 tips for using twitter to promote and drive traffic to your blog!

I'd love to hear your tips in the comments, or whether any of these have worked for you!

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