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The Gadget Guy Christmas gift guide

The Gadget Guy Christmas Gift Guide | Present ideas for Dad | Brother | Boyfriend | Friends who like gadgets

Whether it's your boyfriend, brother, boy best mate or Dad, we all know that one person who loves their gadgets, but can you ever find anything nifty enough to get them for Christmas? Don't worry, I'm here to help, with my Christmas gift guide for Gadget Guys!

Most of the men I buy presents for at Christmas time like a funky little gadget or something a bit techy, so I'm forever filtering through websites trying to find something a bit different or at least something a bit useful, so here are a few of my favourites that I've discovered so far this year.

1. Golf ball finding glasses | £9.99 
[Current offer: 3 products for £20! (same as hot cookie usb warmer) Correct as of 19/11/14]

Everyone knows a man who loves his golf, whether it's your Dad or boyfriend, so why not give them a gadget that can help them find their lost golf balls while out on the course?

These nifty little things illuminate everything white, so will help them pick out their balls no matter where they have fallen. This is definitely one for my Golf mad Dad this year!

2. Remote pillow | £25.00

This one is for the couch potato man in your life. You know, the one who is always losing the remote down the side of the sofa, or leaving it in the kitchen when he's gone to make a cup of tea, but obviously it's far too much effort to get back up to go and get it.

This smart little remote control cushion works with most TV's, DVD players and satellite boxes, so will solve all of their remote orientated dilemmas!

3. Portable pebble phone charger | £14.99

I'm forever struggling to get hold of my fiance, because he's spent all day playing on his phone and has drained the battery, so this portable emergency phone charge will be perfect for him! It's small enough to be carried around in a bag or pocket and comes with 5 adaptors, so can work on your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung, and loads of other different devices.

The other great thing about this charger, is that if one of the connectors doesn't fit your device, most standard usb chargers will fit straight into it, so the options are endless!

4. Zippo Hand Warmer | £14.50
[sale price correct as of 19/11/14]

I love those hand warmers that you crack the little bit inside, they warm up and then you freeze them before your next go, but I always find they that run out before I'm finished with them!

These cute little, refillable hand warmers by Zippo last for up to 12 hours with one fill, which is about 10 times more heat than the ones I've come across before! It comes with one fill, but you'll have to stock up on the filler packs/lighter fluid if you want to keep it topped up all winter, but they aren't too pricey at all.

5. iMusic Pillow | £14.99
[10% off by entering the code MERRY at checkout. Correct as of 19/11/14]

These cool little musical pillows have been around for a while, but I still haven't got one for myself, or anyone else! I've got someone in mind for one this Christmas though!

It has a discrete little speaker inside the pillow (don't worry, you can't feel it when you're lying down), and a removable wire that connects into your phone, ipod or mp3 players headphone port and plays all of your lovely music while you rest in bed! Smart idea!

6. Hot cookie USB cup warmer | £9.99
[Current offer: 3 products for £20! (same as golf glasses) Correct as of 19/11/14]

This is one of my favourite gadgets on this Christmas wishlist! If you know a busy bloke who works in an office or something similar and is forever making cups of tea and then being whisked off into meetings, just to let it go cold, then this will be right up their street.

The cookie acts as a coaster for your cup, but plugs into the USB port of your computer and heats up, extending your drinking time by 30 minutes! I know a few people in my office who would love this.

7. ION Sound Splash Shower Radio | £49.95

Who else knows a man who likes to play his music while they are in the shower and pretend they have made it to the X Factor final? Well, I definitely live with one and the amount of times I've almost witnessed him dropping his phone or iPod and it's very almost sunk straight to the bottom of the tub is uncountable.

This clever little bluetooth speaker comes with some suction cups so you can stick it to your bathroom tiles, and plays your music, via bluetooth, while you are in the shower. It's waterproof and splash proof, so no need to worry about that.

You can also answer calls using it, although I'm not sure how many people I would like to talk to whilst I'm in the shower..

8. Magimix 2-Slice Vision Toaster | £143.96

I've got a friend who just cannot make toast. No matter what setting he puts his toaster on, he's forever burning it, or serving up slightly warmed bread. So, I've found the solution for him!

This Magimix toaster is see through! So he can watch his toast cook nicely and stop it before he cremates it! Nicely golden-browned toast for all!

What are you getting the gadget guy in your life for Christmas 2014? Something from this list, or have you spotted something else?! Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. The portable pebble phone charger looks a brilliant stocking filler and very useful. Some great tips here thanks!

    1. I know. As much as I say my fiance is terrible for draining his phone battery, I'm just as bad, so I've ordered one for myself as well!

  2. That's a pretty cool toaster what a great gift guide

    1. It is pretty cool isn't it? I've also just discovered it comes in lots of different colours too, so that's pretty neat! x

  3. The warming cookie is a win! haha
    Both of us would need one though, I tend to forget I have tea! lol

    Thanks for the ideas!


    1. I've literally just ordered a couple for a few people in the office, I know they'll appreciate it! You should get some hun, they are one of the more useful gadgets! x


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