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Dr Jart+ v7 Balancing Toner Review

Dr Jart+ V7 Balancing Toner Review

I tend to change my skincare up around this time of year, only really to make sure my skin is fully protected as it gets colder, but I also use this time to experiment with new products, which usually ends up in a total overhaul of my permanent skincare routine.

Recently, I was sent the Dr Jart+ v7 balancing toner in my November Birchbox, so thought I would give it a go!

Dr Jart+'s V7 range have a revolutionary 7 Vitamin complex that sets out to tackle a huge range of skin issues. So what are the vitamins and what do they do?
  • Vita 3 complex - helps reduce the appearance of any spot scars, or colour changes due to old spots as well as sun damage
  • Vitamins B3 & B5 - great for improving resilience of the skin and preventing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin C - protects the skin from environmental stresses and everyday life
  • Vitamin E - improves elasticity, targets dry skin. Also good for anti-ageing
  • Witch Hazel & Nutgall - reduce pores and targets over oily areas
Dr Jart+ V7 Balancing Toner Review

It really does sound like it would tackle so many of my skin problems, that I couldn't resist switching out my old toner and adding this one into my skincare routine for a while.

I have quite a few areas on my face that I am constantly covering in concealer to get rid of spot scars. I also have a very dry forehead, but very oily nose, so two different skin types to target in one go. Anti ageing is something that's definitely high on my skincare priorities. And to top it all of, it's really kind to sensitive skin, and smells fantastic.

The bottle is actually quite medical looking. It's a nice glass bottle with a simple label and even a pipette to transfer to toner onto your cotton wool!

Dr Jart+ V7 Balancing Toner Review

So what did I think?

I Have now been using the Dr Jart+ v7 balancing toner for 2-3 weeks as part of my regular, everyday skincare routine and have noticed massive improvements in my skin.

My forehead is no longer as dry, and my nose is less oily. 
My spot and acne scars are predominantly on my chin, and they seem to have calmed down massively. They used to shine through concealer, foundation and powder, making them impossible to cover, but now, they look absolutely fine!
My breakouts have been significantly reduced and when I do breakout in a little flurry of spots, they don't tend to hang around as long.

The only part of my skincare routine I have changed so far is the Dr Jart+ toner, so I literally have to credit all of these improvements to it!

It also doesn't cost a bomb. My bottle retails at £15.95 (and you can click here to buy) and I think it will last me a long while. I only tend to use around half a pipette of the toner for one application, and I still have over 3/4 of the bottle left, so it's going to do me well!

If you're suffering from any of the skin problems I've mentioned, I'd seriously recommend giving this toner a go. It's really helped my skin look healthier, and just so much better.

I'd love to find out what you think when you've tried it!

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