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OOTD // Boohoo Casey Scoop Back Belted Dress

Boohoo Casey Scoop Back Belted Dress in purple

On Sunday, we had our pre-wedding/engagement shoot with our wedding photographer. Once we have the final photo's I'll be sure to post them up here for you all to see!

While we're waiting for the photographs to come through, I thought I'd show you my outfit for the shoot!

We went back to our venue for the shoot, so we can start to get an idea for the photo's we would like on the day. We are getting married at the amazing Westonbirt House. It's such a stunning venue so I wanted to dress up nicely!

OOTD // DressKode Alexia jeans with side cut out bows and lace*

DressKode Alexia jeans with side cut out bows and lace

I'm a bit bored of regular jeans now, so I actually hardly wear them. When I do, I tend to opt for skinny jeans over other styles. I'm not sure why, but I think I have more shoe options with skinnies than bootcut or other styles!

I've been out of jeans for a while, mainly because it's been the summer I find most of mine too warm to crack out during the sunnier months, and also because I'm bored of them and wanted a new, quirky pair, which I have definitely found now, all thanks to DressKode!

OOTD // Hybrid Fashion Delta Capped Sleeve Peplum Dress with Satin Neckline*

Hybrid Fashion Delta Capped Sleeve Peplum Dress with Satin Neckline

I love a smart little dress for all kinds of occasions. I go away with work to quite a few things that will involve me having to dress smartly, so I like to have a little stock of options in my wardrobe.

The gorgeous people from Hybrid Fashion sent me this absolutely beautiful Delta Capped Sleeve Peplum dress to add to my collection and I love it.

For starters, it's super flattering. I have a massive range of peplum pieces in my wardrobe, because I love the way they flatter my figure. I don't have much going on in the hip department, and peplum detail can just add that little bit extra while still making my waist look small.

X Factor Style - Live Shows // Week 3

X Factor Style and Fashion - Live Shows Week 3

Monday is back and that means the weekend is over. Boooo! However, it does mean I get to post my style round up for this weekend's X Factor, which just happens to be the third live show!

*Spoiler alert - I am about to talk about who went/what I thought before I move onto the fashion, so if you haven't caught up yet, you might want to skip past this bit!*

I must say, after the Saturday show, I was a bit disappointed. I don't think anyone was stand out. Paul was probably my favourite performance and if they don't stop giving Andrea the big diva power ballads and show us what else he can do, I'm going to get bored.

Having said that, I do think Jake Quickenden deserved to be in the bottom two, perhaps along with Stevi Richie(I love watching him, but his time is slowly coming to an end). However, after the sing off performance, I think Only the Young deserved to go. I'm afraid their 'save me' performance just wasn't as good as Jake's, but that's the way it goes. Hopefully they will come back next week and blow us away so I don't resent them too much!

Anyway, onto the reason we are all here; the fashion! I think everyone's upping their game at the moment and looking fab. They are all really finding their styles and I'm beginning to struggle to find an outfit I don't like!

Fancy reading the rest of my X factor style posts? Click here!

DollfaceBlogs new look - thanks to PipDig

Customer blogger and wordpress layouts by PipDig

You might have noticed that things are looking a little different on DollfaceBlogs at the mo. I've always created my own layouts using my basic knowledge of HTML and web design which I have been teaching myself since the ripe old age of 14. However, things are a bit more complicated to achieve now and there are lots of things I just can't get my head around.

I spent a while trying to create the look I wanted for my blog, but just couldn't quite get the coding and design right, which really began to bug me as it was so close, but still not what I wanted.

I decided to have a look around at the vast array of designers and layout Gods that are drifting around the internet and stumbled across the wonderful PipDig. PipDig have a lovely selection of pre-made layout templates for Blogger and Wordpress hosted blogs, that can be used as is, or altered slightly to get the exact look you are after. If you can't find anything already showing on their website, they also offer a custom design service, so you really can get your blog exactly the way you want it.


My thoughts on that Zoella article

Independent Voices Zoella Article by Chloe Hamilton

Twitter pretty much exploded today after Independent Voices published an article about how Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, was not the type of role model teenage girls should have. While I appreciate it is an opinion piece, the article not only angered me for being poorly researched, (as a Journalism graduate, these things bother me. Opinion pieces still need research), but also for that fact it was contradictory, derogatory and offensive. So here's my note to Chloe Hamilton.

My first point is going to be, that for an article that states that Zoe is contradicting everything about feminism, it should not have begun with a personal attack on her looks. The article does go on to describe the fact she is open about her anxiety, so why on earth would it then be okay to target her and make inexcusable comments about the way she looks? That is plain bullying and is not acceptable. Is this not also anti-feminist? Should we not be supporting and celebrating a young woman who has embraced the opportunities presented to her and used them to create a better life for herself and the hope to inspire others?

So who actually is the anti-feminist here? Zoe, or the journalist who feels a personal attack on another female, just because they don't like what they do, in a publicly aired opinion piece?

Autumn Tag

Autumn Leaves

I was tagged by the gorgeous Samantha from Coco Butter Blog (who, coincidentally, is one of my October advertisers!) to do the Autumn Tag, which I thought was a fab idea! I haven't done a tag for so long, and I love Autumn, so I thought I'd give it a go!

As much as I love Summer, I think I actually prefer Autumn. I love the crisp air, and the crunchy leaves and just the whole aura around this time of year. I'm not such a fan of the wind and rain, but that does give me an excuse to stay wrapped up nice and warm in my house watching all my favourite tv shows, which seem to all start at the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn! (X Factor being my favourite!)

So, here we go with the Autumn Tag! Watch out at the bottom of the post in case I have tagged you!

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black Mascara Review

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black Mascara

I love a good mascara. Aside from foundation, it's probably the one thing I refuse to leave the house without and the more boost it gives my lashes, the better. The Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara boasts 20 times more collagen compared to the original Go Extreme mascara. It's also supposed to have the biggest mascara brush yet!

All of these added together are literally my dream mascara rolled into one. So how did it fair when I tried it out? Here's my review so you can find out!

X Factor Style - Live Shows // Week 2

X Factor Style and Fashion - Live Shows Week 2

Another weekend done, another week of X Factor finished, so it's time for my style round up of the X Factor live shows - week 2! Did you all watch? Of course you did! Were you shocked by the eliminations, or did you expect it?


In my honest opinion, I wasn't expecting Chloe Jasmine to be in the bottom two, but I did think her 'save me' performance was terrible. She deserved to go after that. I think Stereo Kicks are on their last legs as well I'm afraid. There's just too many of them and it's difficult to watch!

Anyway, onto what we are actually here to talk about; the fashion! If you missed my style round up from week one, click here to take a look.

Twitter chats for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers

Twitter chats for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers | Blogging Tips

Blogging is all about the community, but sometimes it's difficult to break into an existing community. Without trying to brand it as a 'clique', a lot of bloggers already have their social circle of friends on twitter, but that doesn't mean you can't join them. In fact, I think you'd be more than welcome!

Twitter chats are designed for all bloggers to join, tweet and discuss about the thing they have a passion for; blogging. Some are specifically for beauty bloggers, or fashion bloggers, some separate by ages and some are just there for everyone to join in!

In my second instalment of blogging tips, I've put together this comprehensive list of all blogger twitter chats as well as a bit about them and how you can use them!

Note: this list is correct as of 16/10/2014.

What is a twitter chat?

Twitter chats are held on specific days and times, accompanied by a hashtag. All you have to do is find the hashtag, see what people are talking about and join in. Some chats run through a series of questions to spark discussion and others are free chats.

How will a twitter chat help me and my blog?

Mallzee App Review | The future of online shopping is here

Mallzee App | iPhone

It goes without saying that, with anything in life, there probably is an app for that. I don't know about you, but I am one of those people who will quite happily complete all daily tasks from banking to ordering a takeaway and shopping for new outfits on my phone. While I'm quite happy browsing the internet on my phone or iPad, an app makes things ten times easier, and I'll much more likely to head to brands who have an app when I'm browsing for shoes, clothes or cosmetics.

Then, to the extent of my laziness, I one day decided I didn't want to have to flick from the ASOS app to New Look etc etc, I wanted everything on ONE app. As if I was going to town and wanted to look at all the different shops, but without actually leaving my house. And to top it all off, I want it to tell me which clothes I should buy and I don't want to PAY for the app. Why would I do that..?

As if by some freak twist of fate, I somehow stumbled across the Mallzee app (download it here)The easiest way for me to describe it is that it is a free online shopping app that allows you to swipe through clothes as if they were boys on Tinder, save your looks, share with your friends and complete your online shopping ALL IN ONE PLACE. Not lying; it's genius.

Eylure Sarah Harding Girls Aloud Party False Lashes Review

Sarah Harding Girls Aloud Party False Lashes by Eylure

I am completely terrible for buying cosmetics and other products and then putting them in my hoard of products and forgetting about them, which is exactly what I've done with my Eylure Sarah Harding Girls Aloud Party False Lashes.

I must have had this pair of fake eyelashes for ages and maybe I chose not to use them because they are a bit out there and more dramatic than I would usually go for, or maybe I just completely forgot about them... The latter is more likely!

As I was getting ready for an impromptu night out, I realised I had no lashes so I literally turned my baskets and boxes of products upside down and inside out in the hope of finding some. Luckily, I stumbled across these and just went with it.

I do love it when Eylure collaborate with celebrities on their fake eyelash lines, they make for great party lashes!

X Factor Style - Live shows // Week 1

X Factor 2014 Style and Fashion - Live Shows Week 1

I absolutely love this time of year, because not only can I get my favourite knitwear back out and be all snuggly, but all the good TV comes out of hiding. One of my all time favourite viewings has to be X Factor, and it's not only for the odd boyband, but for the style.

X Factor sees a weekly fashion battle between the two female judges, this year being Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B of Spice Girls and general scariness fame. I also LOVE seeing what all the contestants are wearing so I've decided to share my thoughts with you, starting with the judges themselves.

Library of Fragrance Four Leaf Clover Review and Giveaway*

Library of Fragrance Four Leaf Clover Perfume

Library of Fragrance is pretty new to the UK, but if you're from America, or have been over there recently, you might recognise them as Demeter Fragrance Library,

Originally from New York, Library of Fragrance have developed 101 unique fragrances (yes... 101!) that are based on everyone's favourite everyday scents. From grass to baby powder and even sunshine or thunderstorm, our favourite smells have been encapsulated into a tiny bottle so we can enjoy them all the time.

Honestly, it sounds like a bizarre concept, but stick with me because they've really made it work!

I've managed to get my hands on the Four Leaf Clover fragrance, not only to tell you all about it, but I've also got one 30ml bottle to giveaway! (Closing on 31st October) All the giveaway details are at the bottom of this post, after the review!

The Four Leaf Clover scent is a bit of a springtime one, and I've really been enjoying it, even if it is October! Spring is one of my favourite seasons, because I love all of the fresh, natural scents which is why the Four Leaf Clover perfume appealed to me.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands at the moment. Not only are their products extremely affordable and readily available online and in most Superdrug stores, they are also amazing quality. I'm yet to be disappointed by a Makeup Revolution product!

I've reviewed a couple of Makeup Revolution palettes before, but this time I've discovered their Ultra Bronze bronzer and I can't get enough of it so decided to review it for you.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer

ZoellaBeauty Blissful Mistful and Fizz Bar Review

An image showing the ZoellaBeauty Fizz Bar bath fizzers and Blissful Mistful body mist

ZoellaBeauty is quite possibly the most talked about beauty launch of the year, especially amongst bloggers, since the lovely lady behind ZoellaBeauty, Zoe Sugg, came right from the beauty blogging community herself.

Amongst her amazing achievements, Zoella has reached 6million subscribers on YouTube, been involved in some fabulous projects including working with Simple skincare, and finally, released her ZoellaBeauty range.

I'm sure you've heard plenty about the range so far, as there was an abundance of introductory and first impressions posts flying around as soon as the first images of the products were announced, but incase you haven't already heard, here's what you can get your hands on:
  • 2 makeup bags, one with a cute guinea pig design and one with the trademark Zoella eyes
  • Blissful Mistful body mist
  • Fizz Bar bath fizzer
  • Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion
  • Soak Opera shower cream
  • Let's Glow fragranced candle
Everything is really focused on bath and body, relaxation/relieving stress and most importantly, the most expensive items are the makeup cases and body mist, costing a bargainous £8! You can buy ZoellaBeauty from Superdrug and Feel Unique.

I originally wanted to buy all of it, but decided that I was only going to opt for a couple of things, so I purchase the Fizz Bar bath fizzer and the Blissful Mistful body mist.

For a start, the packaging is so cute and you can tell it's Zoella from a mile away. I love the dainty, delicate little designs and I like how everything is consistent and all looks like they are part of the same set. 

Little bit of my OCD coming out there, I don't like things that don't match... it makes me sad.