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Cocoa Brown Spring/Summer 2014 Product Launch

Cocoa Brown tan

The lovely ladies from Cocoa Brown invited me to the launch of their spring/summer 2014 product range which happened last week in the very swanky Park Plaza Hotel in London.

I was very excited about attending the launch, not only because I absolutely love Cocoa Brown, but also because I rarely get to attend blogger events as they don't tend to happen in my area, which is just outside of Bath (in case you wondered... It's very lovely around here). As well as that, they all tend to be on week days and as I work full time, it's usually impossible for me to get to London to attend. It was just on the off chance that I was actually already going to be in London that day, that I managed to pop along!

When I arrived, I was greeted by the very smiley and lovely Vicky from CAN PR who swiftly introduced me to Stephanie from Cocoa Brown. After grabbing myself a drink and tucking in to some of the lovely treats Cocoa Brown had put on, Stephanie and I sat down and had a little chat about the new products for spring/summer 2014 and soon afterwards, Marissa Carter, joined us. These two ladies are just like gorgeous little tanned dolls. Absolutely stunning and two of the nicest ladies I have ever met!

Now, I have been a fan of Cocoa Brown for a while so I already knew quite a bit about the existing range and the brand itself, but for those of you who don't, here is a little bit of background info.

Marissa Carter Cocoa Brown
Marissa Carter and I
Cocoa Brown was founded by tan enthusiast, Marissa Carter. Their initial product range included the revolutionary 1 hour tan, offering a gorgeous glow in just 1 hour. 

Things I love about Cocoa Brown include the fact that there is no mess and no fuss with any of their products (especially with their foam based products).

There is none of that digestive biscuit smell lingering on your skin afterwards. In fact, I would say there is actually a subtle floral scent which is so much nicer than smelling like the biscuit tin! 

I am also yet to apply Cocoa Brown and find any streaks. Now, I don't know whether this is down to my expert tanning skills, but I'm going to say it is more than likely down to the way the tan is formulated. 

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Cocoa Brown is BROWN not ORANGE. There is no hint of orange, no matter how much I put on. I don't know about you, but I certainly apply my tan to look like I am tanned, not like a tangerine.

The new products from Cocoa Brown include the following, all of which I will do in depth reviews for you, but this might take some time to get all the photographs of the results together!

1. Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan - new dark shade

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

This is essentially the same as the 1 hour tan, but gives you a darker shade at the end. With the original 1 hour tan, I found that I did need to leave on for a few hours, or even apply again in order to get a darker shade for a night out or a party, but with the new dark shade you can achieve this is just 1 hour. Genius, I tell you!

2. Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

This is something I definitely like the sound of. Lovely Legs is a leg make up, designed to help even out the tan on your legs or just give that extra boost of coverage. If you're anything like me, and your tan on your legs never seems to take as well as the rest of you, or it goes a tad patchy round the knees, or even if you have veins, stretch marks or scars you want covering, this is something you definitely need to get your hands on!

3. Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I think there are two types of tanners, those who want instant brown and those who want to build it up more naturally and have something a little more subtle. If you are the latter, the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze is the product for you. It's a lovely, full body moisturiser with a hint of tan that allows you to build up your tan quite naturally. I've actually been using this for a week now, so will be telling you all about it soon, and I'm really impressed so far!

4. Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is an absolute godsend. I am forever over-scrubbing my skin to try and even out tan, or just to get rid of it! Why does tan never just come off normally? There's always those naughty stubborn bits that insist on staying and making me look a bit like patchwork... Anyway, this gorgeous (pink, may I add) exfoliator really does the stuff. The exfoliating beads are quite tough but they really do the job, and my goodness, my skin feels heavenly afterwards!

If you aren't tempted to try any of these out yet, you will be when I post my full reviews and you can see the results, I can guarantee you will be placing an order. Another fabulous plus point of Cocoa Brown is the bargain price tag. It's completely affordable which is absolutely fantastic, especially for me at the moment! Saving for a wedding is hard work!

A massive thank you to the lovely Cocoa Brown ladies for inviting me along to chat with them about their new products. So far, I've loved the ones I have tried! What tanning treats are you trying out at the moment?

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  1. These look and sound great, I've heard lots of great things about the brand but haven't tried them myself yet!

    Lovely Jubbly Blog

  2. I love the sound of the 1 hour tan! Will definitely be looking out for the full review x

  3. If you can't already tell by this post, I am a huge fan of Cocoa Brown, so would definitely recommend trying them out!

    I'll get my one hour tan review up as soon as possible so you can see it!



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