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The Folly Boutique

The Folly Boutique | Hire designer jewellery

Have you ever fancied a cracking piece of designer statement jewellery to class up your average party outfits? What about an amazing piece to really make your wedding day super special? I bet there's only one thing in the way of you achieving your bling dreams, and that's the hefty price tag that most designer jewellery comes with.

If you are anything like me, a few hundred quid is a little too much to part with for some jewellery right now, even if it is beautiful. But what if I was to tell you a way that you could get your designer jewellery for just a fraction of the cost. No, I'm not joking and no, it's not imitations; it's the real thing.

Let me introduce you to The Folly Boutique!

The Folly Boutique is a unique designer jewellery store, showcasing up and coming designers fresh onto the scene. Of course, all the wonderful pieces are available to buy if you fancy splashing out, but if you can't quite afford it, you can hire yourself something stunning for a fraction of the cost! Not only is the hiring cost much cheaper, but I've got an exclusive discount code especially for my readers! Take a peek at the rest of this post and grab the code at the end!
The Folly Boutique | Hire designer jewelleryOkay, so hiring isn't quite as good as getting to keep it! But just think, for the price of buying yourself one designer piece, you could hire 5 different pieces to go with 5 different outfits, for 5 different events! I know this concept exists for bags or dresses etc, but I've never known a shop to exclusively focus on designer jewellery.

Set up by the super sassy Sophie Moore, this store is a fabulous, unique concept and I can see it benefiting me and so many of you! We can all wear some stunning designer jewellery and not have to worry about our bank balances looking sad!

Some of the pieces are absolutely stunning and would be a real conversation starter, or compliment your stunning bridal gown, or even give your bridesmaids something special to wear on your wedding day!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from The Folly Boutique!

St Erasmus Crochet Crystal Flower Necklace

The Folly Boutique: Designer Jewellery for hire

This stunning piece would look fabulous as a bridal accessory, or just making a statement by itself! It costs £370 to buy, but only £39 to hire!

Anton Heunis Crystal Cluster Spike Pendant

The Folly Boutique: Designer jewellery for hire

This beautiful necklace is much smaller, but adds some subtle beauty. The intricacy of the pendant is absolutely stunning and I can't stop staring at it! If you fancy splashing out, you can buy this necklace for £80, or you can hire from just £21!

Halo & co Rose Gold Cluster Crystal Ring

The Folly Boutique | Hire designer jewelleryThis ring is super chunky and really beautiful. I definitely think this would be a fantastic conversation starter and you could wow all of your friends with such a beautiful piece of jewellery!

You can buy this corker for £220, or hire it from just £21!

Oh, and don't worry about it being to small/big - it's got an adjustable band to make sure you aren't disappointed!

Mawi Bike Chain Crystal Cluster ID Bracelet

The Folly Boutique | Hire designer jewellery

This jewellery doesn't get any less beautiful. This glamorous bracelet is super unique and I think I am genuinely in love with it!

If only I could afford the £375 price tag! Oh wait, I could just hire it for £30!

After seeing this selection of pieces, don't tell me you aren't tempted! Let me make things even easier for you!

Exclusive discount code!
The gorgeous Sophie from The Folly Boutique has been kind enough to offer and exclusive 10% discount code just for my readers!

Head over to The Folly Boutique website and when you've decided which pieces you would like, simply enter voucher code DOLLFACE10 at the checkout to receive your 10% off!

I'd love to know which pieces you would like to or are going to order! I bet you will look amazing!

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  1. What beautiful pieces. LOVE the big statement necklace absolutely gorgeous. Really enjoyed this post. xxx

  2. oh wow. I now want to invest in more pretty jewellery xx

  3. I've never heard of a hire option before... it is worth investigating... for a special occasion

  4. I love the ring, but not the price! I'm more into copper, wood and crocheted bangles myself!


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