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MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer Review

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer

Eye primers are completely underrated. After all, if we are already using a moisturiser and primer under our make up, why do we need an eye primer? The answer is simple: the skin on our eyelids is much thinner than the rest of our face, and to give you the real staying power for your eye make-up, a specially formulated primer will work much better. I've been meaning to review the MUA Pro-base eye primer for such a long time, so I apologise for not getting this done sooner!

You will probably now be familiar with the MUA range for giving us good products at ridiculously low prices. When I started using this eye primer, that is definitely what I was hoping for!

MUA says

"Pro-base eye primer that creates the perfect canvas for eyes by camouflaging imperfections and enhancing the durability of your eye make up. The creamy texture evporates into a dry finish, leaving a long lasting, semi-matte, nude colour."


MUA Pro-base eye primer


MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer

The primer itself seems to be a great consistency, with the perfect balance between thick and thin. It's not too thick, so doesn't cause any creasing and not too thin as to have an adverse effect on your lovely eye make up, or even worse - no effect at all!


In all honesty, I'm not a massive fan of the lip gloss style applicator. It doesn't allow you to blend properly as a tube or a small brush would, so you still need to blend with your fingers. With the consistency of the product, this is really easy to do, just a bit of a pain.

In addition to this, I found that the applicator pulled up slightly too much product, and I had to try and wipe a fair bit off before applying.

Despite this, and providing you apply the right amount, I am pretty pleased with the finish. It has really evened the tone of the skin on my eyelids, and gives a matte, even base for my eye make up.

You do have to wait for it to dry completely before applying your eye make up, otherwise you could end up with all sorts of smudgy goings on! But the good new is, it doesn't take long at all.

As long as you allow the primer to dry before applying eye make up, I would definitely agree that it helps improve the longevity of the look, and it doesn't add in any extra creases! So this product does do what it says on the tin!

Value for money
Following in true MUA style, a 7.5ml tube of the Pro-base eye primer is only £2.50 in Superdrug, which is great value for money.

I think this could make a great addition to your every day make up bag. It does what it is set out to do, and is a bargain at only £2.50

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  1. I really want to try this now !!

    1. I think you definitely should. You can't go wrong, especially when it is only £2.50 :) x


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