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Tips and tricks for a successful New Year Detox

Tips and tricks for a successful New Year detox!

Your new years detox starts here! And it’s not going to be as hard as you think! It doesn’t have to be a strict crazy dieting fad, or a full on exercise programme. A detox is all about cleansing the body and giving it time to rest and recuperate after the hectic holiday period.

First stop – decide your plan of action!

A detox can be different for everyone. The main areas include clean and healthy eating, exercise and self-care. You may be happy with your current exercise plan and don’t feel the need to ramp it up a notch, or you could really go for it. Take it at a pace that is suitable for you and work out how you are going to play it! 

This post is just my hints and tips, it’s not a regime or directions!


By diet, I don’t mean that I am going to give you your weekly menu and tell you what to eat and when. Detoxing is about having a rest and making up for all the massive meal, heap of chocolate and copious amounts of wine, not to mention the tequila...

In order to do this, you are going to need to give up, or at least reduce your intake of certain things such as:
Carbonated drinks such as coke
Caffeine such as coffee or coke
Excess salt or condiments like ketchup or mayonnaise 

You need to re-evaluate your current meal patterns and foods. 

Make sure you get your three meals per day. Breakfast is vitally important every day. Try to go for something like a slice of whole wheat toast (avoid the butter!) or maybe a selection of fruit such as some berries or a banana.

Switch up your lunch and dinner ingredients for more organic food to avoid the pesticides. Make sure you get lots of fibre. You can get this from brown bread, brown rice, grains, puleses, fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, not to sound like your mum, but make sure you are getting your 5 a day! 

That also doesn’t mean your mealtimes have to be boring! These websites have some great ideas for delicious detox friendly food!

Pinterest is also a great place for fun ideas!

When I am eating a meal, I always go for the vegetables first, meat or protein second and then the carbs if I have them. This way, you don't risk leaving all your veggies by the time you filled up on potatoes or pasta!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can be a major factor in feeling hungry or tired and without even realising you need a drink. Sipping regularly throughout the day helps avoid the intake of air you get when you gulp drinks, which can be a big cause of bloating.


The rate you exercise during your detox should depend on how much you already exercised!

If you regularly exercise, you should continue your existing pattern and if you want to challenge yourself, increase the intensity gradually throughout the month.

If you don’t usually exercise, start by introducing some light cardio such as jogging or swimming and stretches regularly. If you find it hard to keep motivated, why not join a fitness class at your local gym? Something like beginners yoga would be a fab start.

As you get more comfortable with your activities, you can start increasing them gradually. Pick up the pace on your 1 mile jog, or try and reduce the time it takes you to swim 20 lengths.

Yoga is a great exercise class to go to, detoxing or not!

The key is to do things gradually. Don’t over exert yourself and make sure you rest your body sufficiently so you don’t injure yourself.

You can’t get a flat stomach just by doing sit ups, just like your can’t get a great bum with just squats. The excess fat around the area needs to be burnt at the same time as toning exercises. Make sure your exercise regime contains cardio as well as toning exercise. Oh, and a warm up and cool down are vital! 

Rest days are also important. Don’t exercise every day unless you are used to it, take a day in between to let your muscles recover and repair. 

As with the diet, it is important to keep drinking water, especially when you are exercising! You will sweat, and excrete the water your body is holding so you must make sure you replace this and keep hydrated.


Cat being pampered

Seems like a simple one, but over the past month or so, have you been getting enough? Did you honestly take your all your make up off properly every night? Even the ones you went out for a few wines?

Make sure you get straight back into your proper skincare routine. Cleanse tone and moisturise every day and exfoliate a couple of times a week. If you want some tips on great skincare and why it is so important, check out my post here.

Treating your skin to a little extra care during a detox will also be great such as the odd face mask here and there. I’ve reviewed quite a few, so check out my favourite face masks here, and also read my hints and tips on how to get the most out of your mask

Treating your hair would also be really helpful to get it back to its glossy self. Go for a trim at the hairdressers, and if it is feeling particularly sorry for itself, maybe even a hair mask.

Finally, my ultimate tip for your detox is to get enough rest. During your detox time, you will be going back to school or work, as well as perhaps exercising more than you have for a while. You need to make sure you get plenty of sleep. Set your programmes to record and hop into bed a little bit earlier so you are rested and ready for the next day. 

Have you already started your detoxing? I would love to know what your tips are and how you are getting on!

Let’s get our bodies back to their most beautiful for 2014!

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