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Bath Time Treats Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide - Bathtime treats

Here is the first of my Christmas gift guides for you lovely lot! First up are some bath products, perfect for Christmas presents. 

Here are my favourite tub treats that would make great Christmas presents!
  1. Lush Father Christmas Bath Bombs - £3.25 each
  2. Soap & Glory You Do the Bath gift set - £16
  3. Soap & Glory Bath Pillow - £8
  4. Gok Complete Bathing Collection - £14
  5. Leafy & Lovely Bath Salts - £2
  6. Lush Hot Toddy Bubble Bar - £3.25 each

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bombs
Lush Father Christmas Bath Bombs - £3.25 each

These cute Santa face bath bombs from Lush would definitely make a festive bath time treat!

Not only are they full of citrus-y scents, but they fizzle away, leaving your bath all kinds of festive colours!

Relax, and dream of presents and all things Christmas in the most festive bath you could imagine!

Soap & Glory You Do the Bath gift set
Soap & Glory You Do the Bath gift set - £16

Christmas would not be complete without the inevitable bath set that is bound to make its way underneath your tree , so why not make it one you'll really enjoy! Ask for the Soap & Glory 'you do the bath' gift set.

The set includes the FOAM CALL Shower & Bath Body Wash, BUTTER YOURSELF Smoothing Body Cream and a super suds-making shower puff. 

You can't go wrong with a bit of Soap & Glory!

Soap & Glory Bath Pillow

While you are relaxing in your tub with all your festive bath time treats, why not get comfortable with a nifty little Bath pillow. 

Equipt with sucker pads to keep it in position, you can dream about Channing Tatum under your Christmas tree, all bath time long!

Gok Complete Bathing Collection

Gok Complete Bathing Collection - £14

Gok's a man who knows how to make a woman feel good, so why not start feeling fab with his complete bath collection.

Inside the set, you get a signature bath essence, gold bath essence and shimmer bath essence, all to make your bubble time filled with sparkle and gorgeous smells!

Leafy & Lovely Bath Salts
Leafy & Lovely Bath Salts - £2

Now here's a bargain and a half if I ever did see one!

For only £2 from Superdrug, you can grab a cute little box of bath salts from Leafy & Lovely!

Get back to nature and transport yourself away from the cold winter weather, with a bath time trip that takes you to a natural retreat where you can wish all your troubles away.

Lush Hot Toddy Bubble Bar
Lush Hot Toddy Bubble Bar - £3.25 each

Give yourself a big Christmassy hug with these orange scented bubble bars!

Fit for a nice warm bath on a cold winter's eve. Have a hot toddy bath accompanied by an actual hot toddy and drift away from the cold wintery weather outside!

Ooh I feel all relaxed just thinking about these gorgeous bath time treats!

Go ahead, tell me what your favourite bath time treat from this Christmas Gift Guide is!

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