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Hair Products Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide - Hair Spectacular

Treat your family and friends to some luscious locks pampering, or spruce up your own 'do this Christmas with some of these fabulous Hair Product Christmas Present Ideas!
  1. Umberto Gianni Dazzleshine High Shine Hair Kit - £10
  2. Toni & Guy Mini Gift Box - £10 
  3. Studio London Hairbrush & Comb Set - £7.50
  4. Remington Stylist Easi-Curl - £29.99
  5. Superdrug Big Hair Kit - £19.99

Eye Make Up Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide - Bright Eyes

Keep your peepers pretty this festive season with some fab make up sets and eye palettes to help you, or whoever you gift them to, get gorgeous eyes! Here are my picks for Eye Make Up Christmas Presents:
  1. Salonniere by Jenny Packham Shimmering Eyes - £16
  2. French Connection Eyeshadow Collection - £12
  3. Studio London Lash Stash False Eyelash Collection - £10
  4. Studio London Natural Eye - £6
  5. Flutter Pretty Purples Eye Palette - £4
  6. Colour Unlimited On the Go Eye Palette - £4.50

Bath Time Treats Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide - Bathtime treats

Here is the first of my Christmas gift guides for you lovely lot! First up are some bath products, perfect for Christmas presents. 

Here are my favourite tub treats that would make great Christmas presents!
  1. Lush Father Christmas Bath Bombs - £3.25 each
  2. Soap & Glory You Do the Bath gift set - £16
  3. Soap & Glory Bath Pillow - £8
  4. Gok Complete Bathing Collection - £14
  5. Leafy & Lovely Bath Salts - £2
  6. Lush Hot Toddy Bubble Bar - £3.25 each

Phyto Sublime Colour Protect Hair Treatments Review

Phyto Sublime Colour hair treatments

I have another hair review for you lovelies, aren't you a lucky bunch?! So following stripping the red dye from my hair, and then giving it a little treat with the TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 second treatment shot, my hair was well on its way to getting back to it's beautiful shiny self. What I now needed to get my hands on was a decent protective shampoo and conditioner that would enhance and prolong colour, as I don't want to have to be recolouring again too soon!

I took the opportunity to ask my gorgeous sister, who is currently training to be a hairdresser, what she thought would be good and she managed to get her hands on a little samples of the Phyto Sublime Colour Hair Treatments.

TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Seconds Treatment Shot

TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 seconds treatment shot

This TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 second treatment shot was actually part of my August Glossybox, and I have to say, I wasn't that interested in trying out when I saw it. My hair can be such a nightmare with different products, but since I stripped the red dye from my hair, I felt like maybe it needed a little TLC so decided it would be worth a go.

After washing my hair with my normal shampoo, I applied contents of the little bottle onto my hair. It was very much like a normal conditioner. The instructions say to avoid your roots, and concentrate on the ends of the hair.

I have quite long hair, so this little bottle only just covered all my hair, in all honesty I probably would have liked a little more. If I was shopping for it myself, I would definitely have bought two bottles, the only reason I didn't was because this one came from my August Glossybox.

Removing Red Hair Dye using ColourB4

Removing red hair dye with colour b4

As you guys will have noticed from various pictures posted on my blog, I have been a long-term red-head imposter! I felt that the vibrant red hair had done it’s time and it was time for a change back to something more simple; something that perhaps didn’t require me to be constantly topping up my colour every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking the way I wanted.

BEFORE | Removing red hair dye with colour b4
I wasn’t sure what colour I wanted to go to, all I knew is I wanted a change and I wanted to avoid a disaster!

After speaking to several hairdressers and other people, I began getting a little concerned when people were constantly telling me that red was the most difficult colour to remove and I would probably have to spend some time being an odd colour as it would be so tricky to get an even, decent colour, especially after frequently dying my hair bright red for a year.

I decided to bite the bullet on Monday and went out on my lunch break to grab the bits and bobs I needed for my transformation.

I opted for ColourB4 in extra strength, although this took some deciding. I was torn between this one and the ColourB4 made for frequent use. Although looking back, both would have probably done what I needed, I opted for extra strength, having heard all the comments about red being tough to remove.

How to get the most out of your face mask

How to get the most out of your face mask

Face masks should be pretty simple. Cover your face, wait a bit and relax, then take it off and voila; perfect skin! Although you can do it like that, there are a few thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your mask.

Here are my tips to making the most of your face mask and getting glorious skin!