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Balancing a Busy Lifestyle

TimeableI’m a busy bee a lot of the time and often find myself having to juggle several things at once. I know I am certainly not the only one and wanted to share some of my hints and tips for balancing a busy lifestyle!

So, at the moment, I am juggling:
  • A full time job as a Marketing Executive
  • Studying for my diploma in Marketing Communications 
  • Obviously, my blog
  • Wedding planning (eeeeeek!)
  • & a pretty hectic family and social calendar
Most people turn around to me and say, “well why don’t you give something up?" Truth be told; I don’t want to, and why should I. Although I’m busy, it’s manageable and I always make sure I don’t run myself into the ground. Here’s how!

Timetable your life

Honestly, it might sound bordering obsessively organised, but I need to timetable my life, or at least have lists of things that need to be done in a certain day. I can’t change my work hours, so I base my timetable around my working day!

A lot of the time I find it easier to focus on one challenge at a time, so, besides work, I try to stick to one thing a week.

Make sure you rest! 

Funny sleeping dog

Even if you just take half an hour to scroll through Facebook or Twitter, walk the dog or take a shower.
The biggest tip I can also give you is to make sure you rest for AT LEAST half an hour before bed.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea (green tea is perfect for this), curl up on the sofa with the cat and let your brain switch itself off. Stop thinking about what you have done that day and just unwind. On top of that, always give yourself one full day to not think about everything. It doesn’t have to be the same day every week but make sure you do.

It doesn’t mean you can’t write a blog post if you want to, but don’t force yourself to do anything that day. I tend to work my social or family arrangements on this day.

Don’t pressure or punish yourself.

So you wanted to write 1 blog post before 9pm, but you didn’t get it done. So what? Take your rest break as you had planned. You can always come back to it. Sometimes, things come up which means you need to scrap that days’ timetable all together! Don’t fret about it! Always give yourself a few extra days on things that have specific deadlines. So if you have an assignment due in 1 week, timetable it so you will finish it in 4 days. That way, if you do have a bad day, or something comes up, you still have a few extra days to complete it. 

Sleep and look after yourself.

Relaxing with tea in the bath

Like I mentioned before, resting is key. Make sure you get a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, and always have all your stuff wrapped up so you can relax at least half an hour before bed. Remember to take into account keeping healthy. Make sure you are eating regular meals and getting your five a day. Stock up on foods that will keep your energy up during the day. 

A can of coke and a chocolate bar will give you a tiny boost for the moment, but something like a banana will release energy throughout the day and keep you going. Lack of sleep, bad diet and overworking yourself will only lead to running yourself into the ground and making yourself ill. 

Get by with a little help from your friends.

My final point would be always make time for your friends. If you’re feeling tired, sacrifice one evening of blogging to rest and make time to see them. You need a break and to be able to get back to the real world and catch up with the gossip. They can also help you take your mind off all the things you need to do! 

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  1. Good luck with your forthcoming wedding I think most brides would think that alone is enough to keep any bride busy most evenings!. I Enjoyed this article and hoping I can get some sort of order into my life aswell assuming my lively 4 year old son lets me.

    1. Thank you hun, it takes up so much time with planning etc.

      The one thing I don't have is a child to distract me from my plans... Unless you can count my lively fiance? I'm sure you will manage just fine!

      Good luck with getting some order together, once you get one thing sorted out, everything else falls into place!



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