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Nail Art Tips and Tricks

Nail Art Tips and Tricks
Alphabet Challenge - N - Nail Art

I love a bit of nail art. I only recently started experimenting with it when I got bored of watching my fiance on his xbox games or watching the football (the downfalls of only having one television in the flat...!) Now, if he says he wants an evening playing GTA5 then I grab my nail stuff and have some fun!
Here are some of my tips for creating your own amazing nail art!

Nail art tools

It's always helpful to have a few nail art tools and accessories.

I love my nail dotting tool - it can be really helpful, not only for dots, but also for creating other designs.
If you don't have a nail dotting tool, and don't want to get one just yet, you can improvise with a bobby pin - all you need to do is bend it out so it is straight and off you go!

I will add that sometimes the bobby pin ends can be a little big, I suppose it depends on the brand, but if you experiment you will be able to work out how best to use it to make some perfect polka dots!

You can also get specific nail art paints. These are fantastic for a few reasons. They are specifically designed for nail art. The paint itself is easy to work with and the pots they come in are make it easy to apply to your brush or nail art tools.

Nail art brushes are also available and come in a variety of sizes which can be helpful for creating different lines or shapes. Nail art brushes are also helpful if you are using nail art paints which don't usually come with a brush like normal nail varnish.

Other little accessories you can get that are great for creating designs are things like nail art gems. You can also get charms, textured toppings such as fur or fluff, studs, stamps and pearls. Definitely lots to work with!

Stock up on nail art supplies

My first point would be make sure you have lots of nail varnish remover. While you are experimenting and practicing, it is inevitable that you are going to make mistakes, and there is nothing worse than running out of nail varnish when you have made a mistake... You will only end up with half a nail art design and a while of explaining to people what went wrong!

I don't necessarily always use nail art paints for my designs. In fact, nine times out of ten, I usually use normal nail varnishes. If I am using a nail art brush or dotting tool, I usually take the product from the nail varnish brush rather than trying to dip it in the pot or pour any out! It's much less messy and also saves wasting any pretty polish!

I always make sure I have a stock of nice nail varnish colours. If I don't have a design in mind, sometimes the colours can inspire me!

Get creative!

Don't be afraid to experiment! Start off simple, maybe try some flowers with a nail dotting tool, or some stripes with a nail art brush (you can still use a normal polish brush if you don't have any, just make sure you remove any excess product before you start drawing your lines!). Eventually you will find yourself mastering those and being able to move on to more intricate designs.

Check out magazines or fashion wesbites for a look at the latest trends, you can take some of these ideas and make stunning designs.

My first point of call is always Pinterest. There are so many stunning designs and some even have step by step guides or links to video tutorials! It's absolutely fab for inspiration.

Remember - practice makes perfect! If you have never done your own nail art before, it is unlikely you will be painting a masterpiece just yet. Keep going and I'm sure you will be rocking some stunning nails soon enough.

I get loads of compliments on my nail art, not because it is perfect (which is certainly isn't) but because it is different. Gone are the days of a single sheet of polish, that just seems boring to me now. My nails need a bit of something different!

I'd love to see pics of your nail art! Why don't you send me some links in the comments so I can take a look?!

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