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DIY Waxing Tips for Smooth Summer Skin

DIY home waxing tips

Silky smooth skin is a must for summer hols. After all, you don’t want to be strutting around in your bikini with hairy legs or whatever!

Waxing isn’t everyone’s favourite beauty treatment because, let’s face it, it’s not exactly the most relaxing... And if you’re like me and you would rather spend your hard earned pennies on some sexy holiday outfits, then you’ll find yourself tasked with home hair removal, which sounds even more unappealing than the trip to the salon.

I trained as a beauty therapist, which included waxing, but even with my experience, waxing myself always becomes a bit of a task and I try to avoid it, until it is holiday time!

I’ve pieced together a few helpful hints if you are planning some DIY waxing!
Before waxing!

Are your hairs long enough?
No I’m not joking, although some self-waxing kits say they can remove even the shortest of hairs, the most effective results come from when your hairs are around 1cm long. On the other hand, if they are TOO long, they will be much more difficult, and more painful to remove, especially in more intimate areas. Take the time to trim super long hairs down on your bikini line or underarm to cut yourself some slack.

Are you a scaredy-cat?
If you’re super scared about the pain of waxing, you can take an asprin around 30 mins before hand to take the edge off the pain. It doesn’t numb it completely, but it will ease it a little.

Prep your skin.
Make sure you have exfoliated, and your skin is clean and dry. It is also key not to have any products on your skin, so avoid your moisturiser until after waxing!

Testing, Testing!
Right before you start, test the temperature of the wax on yourself in a small patch. The inside of your wrist is usually a good indicator. Just apply a small patch to judge the heat and remove it with a clean wax strip.

Let’s get to the waxing itself!
Start small.
You might be tempted to jump right in and apply wax all over the place to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Please don’t. The larger the area, the longer it takes to remove, and if the wax cools it becomes more difficult and more painful to remove. Start with small patches and build up to bigger as you get into the swing of things.

Apply with, remove against. Have a look at the way the hair is growing. Not all hairs grow straight downwards or in the same way. On your legs for instance the hairs grow in 5 different ways. Straight down the shin, diagonal down the calf and split sideways in two directions on the front of the thigh and straight down the middle on the back. This does vary person to person, so take a few minutes to look and feel the hairs on the area you are going for. When you’ve worked it out, apply the wax with the grain of the hair, as if you are stroking it smooth. When you remove the wax strip, pull it against the grain, as if you are pulling it backwards.

Apply the strip the same way you applied the wax, with the grain, and apply some pressure. If you think you have applied too much wax, you can remove in small sections; just put the wax strip on one section of the wax. Make sure you leave yourself a little bit so you can grip to remove!

Keep it tight!
When you have applied your wax and are ready to remove with a wax strip, pull the skin around it with one hand, so it is nice and tight. This helps open the follicles a little extra, and also helps prevent bruising or tearing.

After waxing!

Cool it down! After putting your skin through all of that trauma, you need to cool it down. Apply a soothing after-wax lotion. Aloe Vera is an excellent ingredient. There are loads of great lotions out there. Don’t just apply a regular moisturiser, this could be too thick and not allow the skin to breathe properly through it.

Avoid everything!
Okay, maybe not everything. But here are a few things you should avoid for about 24 hours after:
- Hot baths or showers
- Wearing baggy clothing
- Exfoliating or any other skin treatments
- Make up or tanning products
- Tight clothing
- Too much sun exposure

Waxing side effects!

It is definitely normal to see some redness of the skin after waxing. After all, think about what you just did to it.

Another common side effect is called erythema. The simplest way of describing this is that it looks like a blotchy rash. It’s not raised, but it looks like one. Honestly, don’t panic. Make sure you have applied plenty of after wax lotion when you have finished and it will disappear by itself about an hour after you have finished.

So keep these things in mind and you can start removing hair with a bit more confidence!

If you have any questions then please let me know and I’ll do my best to help! Soon enough we will all be rocking super smooth pins and perfect brows without spending a fortune in a salon.

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