Saturday, 20 July 2013

Anatomicals 'Spray Misty for Me' Facial Spritz Review

Anatomicals 'Spray Misty for Me' Facial Spritz

It's hot and sticky at the moment, so anything that cools you down is a bit of a Godsend! From ice lollies to fans to pools (even a paddling pool...) I have been searching for anything to cool me down!

When I received the 'Spray Misty for Me' facial spritz from Anatomicals in my July Glossybox, I was intrigued as I had never used one! But I immediately popped it in my handbag ready for use in the sun!
Containing peppermint, aloe, witch hazel and lavender, the spray is designed to rehydrate your skin and make you feel more refreshed in the heat. I had never heard of 'Anatomicals' so didn't have any preempted opinions of the product or brand. In fact, I just didn't know what to expect.

Anatomicals 'Spray Misty for Me' Facial Spritz

On the bottle, it boasts that 'it's the spray that makes your day!'. Well on the humid hot days we have been experiencing, it really did make my day!

Anatomicals 'Spray Misty for Me' Facial Spritz

One or two little sprays of this gorgeously scented little spritz instantly made my face feel cooler. My one concern is that it might end up making my face sticky, or messing with my BB cream, or tasting a little funny on my lips.

Luckily, it does none of these things! It really is a lovely little cooling treat for my skin on a hot sticky day!

Top marks for a brand I have never heard of!

Have you used any Anatomicals products before? Or did you get this in your July Glossybox? Let me know what you thought!


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